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Auto Glass/1966 -1977 Bronco half cab top


Derek, thanks for your help! Just a follow up.?
I went to  junk yard and measured the glass.?
Just to make sure?  They would not just sell the glass/gasket?
1. the width was not bad 49.5 for glass, 50.00 ol outside to outsize, for the gasket.
2.the height glass was 12.5, ol, 13.5 for outside gasket?
3. THERES NO WAY A 14 " H,,x 50L  would fit .......
4. jeffs bronco says the H is 14.,, for the gasket, o/o...

ihate to bother you again, but trying to recrate  an old
bronco to specs.......... thankks, again,,,,, Les

Hi Leslie,

         Block sizes by NAGS are the overall size at the Highest and widest !

         With rubber its trickier, some are inset and 1/4 inch can be in the rubber and others offset a half inch . The original glass according to NAGS is 14 X 50 . The yard said 13.5 and 49.5 so that means the rubber is offset to the glass 1/2 inch or so. I would find the original rubber and fit it on the glass from the junk yard and add or deduct according to the inside that is going to be roped in leaving enough flange to sit on the frame and look right.

         Other then bring it here or flying me to you , your only other option is to call me! 631-878-three85five anytime for more info on this project. I will walk you through it over the phone.

         Hope this Helps! Derek =D


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