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Derek,  i am restoring the top of half cab 1966 Bronco.
I need to know :
1. dimensions of the rear glass, for halfcab top
2. dimensions of the rubber seal gasket.
3. hopefully the cut out size of the opening for the seal/glass
   i cannot find this anywhere on the net and glass companies
   dont have the info.

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Hi Les,

         Good news, I have some info!

The Bronco Half top is Designated in NAGS as The Bronco Pickup Sport Utility and has a NAGS part # of 2528T and has a block size of 14 X 50

Only not to be Confused with the Long Roof or the Wagon back glass that has a part # of 2529T and measures 16 X 50

The Nags books only say 1966-1972 for your part#  no Rubber is mentioned as far as to width   or height but looking at some photos of these Trucks it looks like the same thickness and configuration as the front windshield rubber. The front windshield Part # 1084T has a rubber that is plenty big enough to cut to size at a block size of 18 X 58.  So get going on it and send me a picture when your done ! Please Do not forget to Rate my answer.

         Hope This Helps! Derek =D

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