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I have a 2003 Nissan Maxima.  The drivers side window will go down but will not come back up unless I physically assist it by hand.  When it does begin to rise it comes up "cock-eyed" and often goes right back down if it gets to the top position.  Your advise?  Any idea as to the cost of fixing this type of problem?  Also, the lens covers on this car are yellowed over and wondered if you knew of any product that is the best for cleaning this film off.  
Thanks for any help

Hello Barry,

There are two bolts that hold the glass to the window regulator (the mechanism that moves the window).  I have seen a couple of problems similar to yours on a Maxima as a result of one of the two bolts working loose and falling out.  There is no way to know for sure without taking the door panel off and inspecting the regulator and glass.

Repair costs vary significantly depending on the location, but a worst case replacement of the regulator might run $160 - $180 at an independent mechanic and probably twice that at Nissan.  If you live in an area where there is a power window repair specialist, the cost might be a bit less.

I can't offer you any advice on your headlights, but there are several products available at the various national auto part stores.  

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