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I have a 2003 Nissan Maxima.  The drivers side window will go down but will not come back up unless I physically assist it by hand.  When it does begin to rise it comes up "cock-eyed" and often goes right back down if it gets to the top position.  Your advise?  Any idea as to the cost of fixing this type of problem?  Also, the lens covers on this car are yellowed over and wondered if you knew of any product that is the best for cleaning this film off.  
Thanks for any help

Hi Barry ,

         The Regulator for the window is bad .  That Crunching sound when you roll up and down will confirm that it is done for. If you don't want to replace it with New Nissan parts get the used Nissan part! The New Aftermarket window regulators only last a year or so then they quit. The junk yard gets 25-100 for it so it all depends where you go and who is going to do the job for you as to the total cost. If my company were to do the job we would get 125.00 labor plus the cost of the part.

         As for the Head lights , we are still waiting for a company to let us try their products so we can recommend it to the public but we have not tried any as of yet so we cant help you with that yet!

         Hope This Helps!
         Derek =D  

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