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Hi! I have a 2002 Pontiac Grand-Am GT whose front windshield seems to have some kind of a "film" over it that is only noticeable when it rains. I have an awful time being able to see to drive, especially at night, when it's raining because the water seems to mix with whatever is on my front windshield causing it to really smudge. I have tried wiping it with Armor All Glass Wipes, taking it through the car wash and even Pledge, but nothing seems to get whatever it is off. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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Hi Susan ,

         Get a bottle of clear Antiseptic Alcohol 75-95% put a generous amount on a clean cloth or towel and rub it over the center of the glass that has the most film build up!

You may have to do this several times to remove every single layer of what ever is on there.

Once you have taken off the film , get some car wax and rub that in and let dry then polish off.

If it works on the spot you did and you see the difference repeat all steps for the entire windshield keeping away from the moldings as to not get them white.

If nothing seems to be getting better , your 2002 Pontiac Grand-Am GT windshield is Sand Blasted and needs to be replaced.

Sand blasted or Severely pitted glass has a haze on it from the thousands of impacts of rocks and sand and other matter from roads and happens over many years of every day driving. The Film is made even worse when Water collects in the tiny holes of the pitting and causes a type of foam/Film when wipers are activated that will never go away and is actually a safety issue at this stage. A 2002 Pontiac Grand-Am GT windshield is not that expensive and the insurance company would cover it if you have Glass coverage from a good insurance company. They surely would have you drive with a safe clear windshield rather than an unclear unsafe glass.

Insurance company's that may not cover it are GEcco or Regresive / Hardford they will give you a hard time and make you use the dreaded SafeBite. You may not even get a year of use from one of their windows before needing another.

         Please let me know the end results!

         Hope this Helps Derek =D

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