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Hey Ben - Hoping you can help me...I have a 1995 Ford T-Bird Super Coupe. The drivers side window started acting up on me, (like the passenger side did last year). From previous experience, it was obvious that I needed to replace the 3 window motor gear "plugs" which I did (they were in all chewed up as suspected). However, after securing the motor back in the door, the motor runs, but the window won't move...pretty sure that the smaller 9-tooth gear isn't meshing properly with the regulator gear that moves the window, but not sure how to remedy or what to try next, as the 3 bolts securing the motor pretty much determine its position.

Would the position of the window (full up / full down / halfway) have an effect on the ability of the gears to mesh properly? How do you move the window up-and-down manually?

Got any ideas?

Thanks! AJP

Hi Andrew,

After replacing the gear cushions it is unlikely that the motor gear will be in the same position it was when you removed the motor.  So, it is not a surprise that when you install the three motor mounting screws the motor doesn't mesh perfectly with the regulator.  Try the following:

using your left hand underneath the regulator to position the motor exposes you to the risk that your arm will be trapped by the regulator going down due to the "auto down" feature on the driver's door window switch.

     remove two of the three motor mounting screws

     loosen the remaining motor mounting screw

     slowly move the glass down in increments of about 1/8 inch until you feel the motor mesh

     tighten the single motor mount screw

     apply power to the see if the motor and regulator are properly meshed

     install the remaining to motor mounting screws

Feel free to send a follow up question if you aren't sure of anything.

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