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Hi Ben, You were nice to give me your cell number for my last question. 1997 Ford Crown Vic. Drivers window I replaced to gear plugs and it works. Now for the passenger window. I removed the door panel and pulled the motor and replaced the worn gear plugs. After replacing the motor the motor will not work. How do I determine if this is a motor problem or a regulator problem?

Hi John,

If the motor was running before you replaced the gear plugs, then it isn't very likely that you have a motor problem.  Is it possible that you forgot to plug in the motor wiring connector when you re-installed the motor on the regulator?

If you didn't forget to plug in the motor you will need a voltage meter to be sure you are getting power to the window motor.  With the ignition on and the motor plug disconnected operate the window switch and see if you are getting 11 to 12 volts of DC power on the two wires that the window motor plugs into.  If you don't have power at that connector you have a switch problem or a wiring problem. If you do have power, then you may have a motor problem.

Another way to check out the motor if you don't have a volt meter is to apply 12V power from the battery of a power tool or a spare care battery directly to the motor. Attach a wire to each battery terminal and "plug" the two wires into the wiring connector of the window motor (one wire at each terminal).  If the motor is good it will run clockwise or counterclockwise depending on how you hook up the wires from the battery.

Send a follow up question if you need to, but I won't be able to answer it until tomorrow.

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