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QUESTION: I have a 2002 Hyundai Sonata.  The passenger window only works occasionally.  We have replaced the switches on both doors, and the window regulator on the passenger side.  It still only works sometime.  We have looked at the relay box and can't even figure out which one is for the passenger window.  Does the answer to the question for the passenger window for the Windstar apply to my car also?

ANSWER: Hello Patricia,

It is possible that the typical bad motor problem in the Windstar could be your issue as well, but let me add a few more comments because there are other possibilities.

I highly doubt that your problem is caused by a faulty relay or fuse.  That type of problem does not come and go: once it's bad it stays bad.

Since you have replaced both switches, I think it is safe to rule out a switch problem.  

You mention that the regulator on that door has also been replaced.  When the regulator was replaced did the new part include a new motor as well?  If so, then I doubt that the motor is the problem.  If the regulator replacement did not include a new motor, read the next paragraph.  If the regulator replacement included a new motor, skip the next paragraph and read the following one.

If the window motor is starting to fail you might try this procedure to help diagnose the issue. Roll the window down about 1/2 way and then roll it back up.  Do this 10 to 20 times.  If the motor is beginning to fail it will eventually stop working while going up.  Then wait about 5 minutes and try rolling it up again.  If it goes up after waiting, you almost certainly need a new window motor.

So if the regulator replacement included a new motor as well and we assume your new switches are good, then the most likely issue is a wiring problem.  Often times the wiring between the driver door and the body of the car (in the door hinge area) can crack and even break. This can lead to the "only works sometimes" problem you describe.  

I hope this information helps.  Feel free to send a follow up question if you think of anything else.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Than you for your answer.  We will check this (if we can).  The window motor was replaced at the same time the regulator was.  Most of the time the window will not roll down when you first start the car.  Sometimes, after driving for a while the switch on the drivers side will work.  Then, after it is up, it won't roll down on the switch from the driver's side, but it will go down with the switch on the passenger side.  

It's really a some timey thing.  Where should I take it to have the wiring looked at and fixed?  A mechanic, or a window place.  I live in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Do you have any more suggestions?  Thank you.

Hello Patricia,

If you have a mechanic who handles your routine maintenance, ask them if they are interested in trouble shooting this issue.  Be sure you and they agree to a estimated cost before they start work. Someone without the proper skills and experience can waste hours working on a problem like this.  If they are not interested they will know of a shop that does electrical work to refer you to.

If you don't already have a regular mechanic I suggest you stop in at two or three local auto parts stores and ask them if they know of a shop that does a lot of electrical repairs.

Feel free to send me a follow up question.

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