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Can you give me the dimensions for the driver side rear vent glass on a 2008 Chrysler Sebring? I am disabled and must watch every penny and this glass to replace is so expensive. I can't find the dimensions anywhere and was thinking if I know them maybe I can put in a pre-cut piece of plexiglass, etc? Most infuriating is I didn't even break it, but must fix it as it just will not make sense to pay an insurance deductible of $500 either. Any assistance you could provide me would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for your time and assistance!

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Hi Holly .

         I would Broom that insurance company and Quick !

There should be No Deductible on Full Glass coverage!!!

         Your 2008 Seabring 4 dr vent glass ,  part # DV11319 GTY Is Expensive with all attachments included , it lists for 800.00 and the measurements on the part you need are :

6.0 X 11.0 INCHES

If you can belief it I have seen these go on ebay for less than a hundred used.  I would Broom that insurance company

I do have a link to ROCK AUTO for you to buy one in used condition for 115.00 Dollars if you want it? Just Copy and paste or click the link below! If you have trouble with this call me![ID]=0&ck[idlist]=0&ck[viewcurrency]=USD&ck[PHP_SESSION_ID]=q1k05iasq1mu9q8glod98r8jl1

Hope This Helps! Derek =D


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