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QUESTION: Rear right window is down and  needs to be raised on a 1997 Toyota Camry LE.  VIN 4T1BG22K2VU090682.  I know that there is a faulty ground wire so the window switch(s) do not work.  I want to "jump" the connections at the rear switch to make the window raise.
The connector at the window switch has five wires, one blue wire-- which I understand is the power supply, two red wires, and two green wires.I can not see which green wire and which red wire go to the window motor.
How do I determine  which red and which green goes to the motor and how do  get a  "ground"? i.e.
How to I make connection to have the window raise?

Hi Donald,

The COMPLETELY green wire is the "up" wire for the window motor.  If you look closely you will see that the other green wire has a black stripe.  

If the motor does not run when you apply power to the solid green wire you may want to remove the door panel and apply power directly at the window motor wiring.

Feel free to send a follow up question if you have any problems.

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