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Hi Derek, I recently found a NOS rear louver set from Cragar, but it has no info as to exactly WHAT vehicle its supposed to fit. No part numbers either.

The size of it is approximately 38" tall, and across the top is 44.25" wide and across the bottom is 53" wide. so I would estimate the size of the window would be a quarter to half inch larger?!?

Is there any reference material I can use to look up this info myself, or could you help me figure out what this thing fits?

thanks a lot!

Hi Lars ,

         Pick up a couple Foreign and Domestic NAGS Books from the late 70's 1990 years and look at the sizes next to the part numbers.

 Unfortunately National Auto Glass Specifications books only carry the Block Size of the glass Meaning just the overall size. It does not say top is this size and bottom is that size.

My guess is something like the older hatchbacks but there is no way to be sure until you hold it up to the car. At least auto glass has part #s . Gragar should stamp the parts and not just put a sticker on that always falls off.
The 1984-88 Nissan 200Sx Hatch is 43 X 57 and is as close as I have found in the limited amount of time I have had to look.
         Hope This Helps! Derek =D

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