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will a windshield from a 1999 civic fit a 1998 4 dr sedan have 1998 with airbag damage and a donor 1999 with a good windshield available but haven't pulled the trigger on buying the car the windshield was a determining factor

Hi Todd ,

      The windows are totally different and have different part #s The 98 takes a Fw822 and the 99 takes a Fw2112.

Both are a pain to save out of a donor car and it should not be a factor in buying a car as the chances of getting it out in useable condition ar slim . Just removing or installing the moldings on both cars are enough to make you call a professional in to install them. A FW822 installation could be as low as 200.00 in some areas and as high as 325.00 in others New MLDS are a must. Please Rate this answer!

         Hope This Helps !  Derek =D

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