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Our 2005 Toyota Camry rear view window fell off the windshield leaving a little nickel size dit in the glass about 1/16 in deep. I cannot tell if the impression was there originally or if the adhesive from the mirror took some of the glass with it. Is there something that I can use as a filler to patch the glass so the mirror base has a flat hard surface to attach to? What would you recommend?

Hi David.

         I can only imagine the Frustration! I am going to guess that the window was installed by Safebite and their true leak technology? the glass has the letters S. G. C. somewhere on the bottom corners if its one of theirs .

If it does just drive it to one of there service stations or call your insurance company back and tell them they have to put it back on or give you a whole new windshield to hold the mirror on.

If I am wrong and your dog knocked it off or you did it chasing a Pokemon or swatting a bee then you can take it to any glass shop and they can mount it lower or higher than the chip and your good.{20.00 tops}

If you insist on doing it yourself you will have to clean all the glass off the mounting tab that holds the mirror without scaring the tab , heat works well on that task.,  and get a mirror glue kit and follow the directions only put it on the smoothest surface above or below the chip in the glass and No , to fill the hole taken out by the mirror is useless and will only result in repeated aggravating moments thinking of buying a new car.  Let me know how you make out.
         If your in NY we can do it for you!
Hope This Helps! Derek =D

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