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Freddy wrote at 2013-03-12 16:04:55
For anyone that might be looking at Brents question as they have a similar situation now...

The claim for damage on the vehicle is independent of the injury claim.  The only way a parent could sign away a child's injury claim would be: 1) If they are a minor  2) they are signing a Parent's and Indemnity Release.  Even then, if the child didn't get reasonable compensation, then pretty much any court in the land would not allow the release to be binding on the child.  The only way to truly extinguish a minor's claim is through a court approved settlement.

It would not hurt to write "For Property Damage" after "Release of All Claims" and initial it.  Ultimately, you will not be able to Release your daughter's claim, she must do that.  

I am not an attorney, but run claims for an insurance company and have 32 years experience in the industry in multiple States.  

I train my people and I believe most adjusters feel that their job is a go-between for the Company versus the public.  We want to pay what is owed, no more no less.  We are not out to "Trick" or Cheat anyone.  The courts would not put up with that.  Most of the stuff out there saying those type of things are just propaganda put out there by some of the scummy plaintiff lawfirms that make a business out of abusing the system.

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