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QUESTION: we have a 2002 f150 at work that is used strictly for plant use. The operators lost the coded keys and being one of the mechanics i am trying to find away around the pats system. We tried bypassing the relay under the hood next to the one diode but all it does is crank over.No money wants to be spent on the truck, even though its a nice rig. We cant bring ourselfs to junk it yet thats what will happen ,( dont understand big buisness) if we cant get it running.What a waste.We would appreciate any input on solving our problem, thanks Bill

ANSWER: Hello,

If the incorrect relay was bypassed or if you did not bypass correctly, the engine will not strt. If such events happened PATS is enabled and will not start without the correct key. The bypass was never designed for a lost key situation. It was only done to show Ford Lied about the effectiveness of PATS in court.
The bypass has always worked, so I believe something else is going on. How did you turn the ignition lock. If you broke the transceiver in front of the lock, the bypass will not work.
Please be more specific.


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QUESTION: nothing was broken, we had a normal key cut(non coded) for the door lock, which fits the ignition also, that was the only key we had left. Relay was jumped, just cranked over no fire. thanks.

ANSWER: Hello,

If the engine was not cranked before jumping the relay, the relay bypass has always worked on all SUVs and F-150s with the 2003 being the last year.. I don't know how you jumped the relay, but the points have to be completely closed.
All Ford did was use a standard Bosche relay with terminal 30 being open which feeds circuit 361 (everything under the hood. Originally in 2000 I just jumped 87 and 30 there by supplying power to 361 letting the engine start and run. I am aware of this process working on 100s of trucks and SUVs over the years, so I know with certainty that the process will work each and every time on all makes and models.

That's all I can tell you. It is the PCM power relay that is bypassed. Look, I am not being a smart guy, but is it possible that the vehicle is out of gas or something else going on? I don't say that to discount your experience, but I am sure you have been like me where in some vehicles one ends up fighting himself and over looking something that normally would be obvious?

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QUESTION: your right, maybe there is another issue, but seeing i have over 30 years experience as a mechanic,im not being a smart guy by saying the gas comment was pretty lame. We jumped the relay as you said, but after looking back i see that 02 was the 1st year this would not work. Ford made a change to the PCM which doent allow for a mechanical bybass as simple as the relay. Confirmed this with a Ford tech friend, then had him come and reprogram 2 new chipped keys. We appreciate your help. thanks Bill

Hello Bill,

Like you I have over 30 years working on this stuff. I have been focused on one issue and yet something stupid and obvious was the actual problem.

Ford dealers still say the system was "impossible" to bypass because Ford tells them so. I have done the 02 and 03, so I know it works.

I am personally tired of working on vehicles. It has cost me my back, my hands, yet I am stuck working on this Suburban of mine. Replaced the rear door with an older door with different trim. I had so much modification, and every time I would modify something like the inner door handle mounting, it was some other issue. They changed the trim fasteners and the holes in the door are too big for the later model trim. Something that should have been so simple because the door itself is the same should have taken 1/2 hour to do has taken 8.

I wasn't trying to be lame on the gas issue. I was just giving an example as to how we fight these things for something stupid. That is all and not questioning your competence. No one really appreciates as to the skill required to work on these vehicles, nor do they understand the frustration and have the nerve to complain when they get the bill because they expected it to cost them nothing.t any rate I am glad you got it going.

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