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Hi, my sister had a auto claim denied for mechanical failure. The original cause of engine damage was due to an animal getting lodged in serpentine belt. 5100 later she had to take a personal loan to get car fixed. Car dealer who did complete engine overhaul stated no evidence or abuse or lack of maintenance. Can she have her claim re-opened?

Hi Steve,

Apologies for the delay.  I would suggest she have her mechanic contact the auto damage adjuster who originally inspected the damage.  Failing that, they should reach out to the auto damage adjuster's supervisor, and request a re-inspection or re-evaluation of whatever evidence she and/or the mechanic saved or has.

While I have never heard of an animal getting lodged into a serpentine belt, I would imagine that the result would leave clear and obvious animal detrius behind that should be self-evident to an adjuster...

Good luck!

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