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I went to get in my car to go to work in the morning but realized my car had been keyed all over. i contacted the police and got a police report and file the claim with my insurance company. My insurance send an adjuster and he stated in a report that my car is total lost but the insurance wrote me two letters stating that they will investigate the claim. i have talk to the investigator and cooperated fully but its been 60days and they are asking me to give them 45 more days. i requested a rental car which was refused and i dont know what to do.

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   Why would the vehicle getting keyed cause you to need a rental car?  Has your car been impounded, or something?  If it has, then there is a fraud investigation ongoing because they don't impound the victim's vandalized car.  

   If your insurance company has no good reason to continue delaying payment and is just making up reasons to delay, then file a complaint with your State's department of insurance or equivalent regulatory authority and explain the issue or hire an attorney.  

   Your insurance contract will govern what is required of you to invoke coverage as well as what your insurance company agrees to do.  You'll need a copy of your policy in order to get clear answers.  I suggest you contact your insurance company and ask for the claims manager until you get them on the phone, and have them explain to you why you are not getting payment.  I assume that you are just waiting on payment based on the question, but the rental car issue is confusing.  Again, no rental if your car is just keyed, you know?  I mean, did they key it so bad it won't run?  Anyway, I am happy to assist further if you need it.  Information is always free at Petty Details, LLC!  

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