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I was involved in a accident on 01/07/13 when I was traveling on a two lane road and a deer jumped out and forced me to swerve into a ditch causing damage to the front and rear of my vehicle. No other cars were involved and I wasnt injured much except a stiff neck and back. I filed a claim with my insurance co and im still awaiting approval to start repairs on my vehicle 3wks later. They also denied me a rental car even though I have rental cov on my policy and every time i call to check the status of my claim I get the same generic answer that an adjuster is reviewing the estimate and police report and it will take 2-3 days to review and approve. Ive been hearing that same approval story for 2 weeks now. What can be done if anything to speed the process up before resulting to legal advice with my attorney?

Fax a letter direct to the adjuster. Then fax to the adjuster's supervisor if no answer in 15 days. Then fax to the company's CEO in the home office if no answer in 15 days. Don't waste time climbing up the chain of command. If no answer from the CEO, then file a small claims lawsuit (usually under $100.00 to file and one or two forms to fill out). If the claim is legitimate, they will probably pay you long before the court trial date comes up. My eBooks cover this stuff in depth.

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How to handle automobile total loss claims. I am the president of, which sells 29 different eBooks I have written on how to maximize various types of auto, home and business claims and how to get coverage on denied claims. You may view their tables of contents online. Also available are very specialized eBooks such as on EUO (Examination Under Oath) for example. Also available is an assortment of policy forms used by the most popular insurers. The eBooks have a money back guarantee and currently include personal consultation with Ron Cercone.


I have been adjusting insurance claims since 1980. 1980 to 1995 adjusting for many insurers (6 years as an independent adjuster with my own company). Currently working as a public adjuster in California, since 1995. I'm one of the few public adjusters who has handled automobile damage and total loss claims.

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