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Hi,my car was hit in the rear while sitting at a red light.I brought my car to the other persons appraiser. Because the bumper had prior damage on the right side of bumper, her insurance company only wants to pay for middle panel of my car. I told the insurance company I understand prior damage, but she hit me head on cause more damage to the rear end bumper. They stated the appraiser stated the other vehicle didn't hit the right side. I told them she hit me head on causing full contact to my bumper. I'm not asking them to pay 100% for complete right side,but to conclude she didn't cause any damage seems unreasonable. Can the insurance company make a decision like this? If a car is rear ended can an insurance company deny fault? Can an appraisal be 100% accurate?
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Hello Angel,

That does not seem reasonable. How hard was the impact? How did the bumper got damaged the first time? Do you have an estimate for the damage the first time?

If you did, then you can compare the value of the prior damage against the value of the present damage. Anything like that? If not, you will have to document you new damage. How was the first impact vs. the second. You should talk to a local attorney.

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