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Hey there,
About 3 weeks ago I was physically hit by a car in the parking lot of my work. Side note, the guy who hit me drove off so it was a Hit And Run, but was later caught.

I went to the ER that day and was only marked with Sprain/strain/contusion. The insurance of the guy who hit me have taken full liability for the accident, because I had witnesses and I wasn't doing anything illegal.

since the accident I have seen my primary care doctor, got a referral to a chiropractor, And have had X-rays taken.
I have pain in my neck and back, which has caused loss of sleep and plenty of discomfort.

So here are my questions: how much my case is worth? How much should I expect from the settlement? How long does it usually take for the insurance to make the first settlement offer?

I lost two full days of work. My medical bills will be about $4000, (which is covered their insurance.) will be seeing the chiropractor for about 6wks total. Just btw, I do have my own health insurance, but no auto insurance.
My only out-of-pocket expenses have been pain medication, and transportation to and from doctor appointments because I do not have a car.

I have not hired a lawyer because this is only a soft tissue injury and I believe they will take more time and money.
I feel like I'm flying blindly because my case is a little unique so any help to shed some light on my situation is MUCH appreciated!

Thank you for your time.

Hello there,

I am sorry to hear about your injury and the entire accident. I guess than in a positive note, one, he was insured, and you had a witness. So that is great.

I would like to caution you! Really. Simply because it is soft tissue, it does not mean you do not need an attorney. You really need to consider talking to one. Local state laws could help you and you will only know if you talk to counsel.

At any rate, it is very hard to tell you a value without looking at the medical records. $4,000 for medical bills could mean $4,000 worth of treatment or $3,500 for diagnostic (say x rays and lab tests) to determine that you are okay and not injured. Insurance companies can drag their feet to simply make you desperate and settle for more.

If you still want to settle it yourself (which is not advised), then don't fly solo. Get this ebook: In the alternative, visit: and check out the sections on bodily injury and settlements

Good Luck!

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