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Hi--I have told my children that violating the terms of their junior license ( driving after 9 pm in ny state, or driving with more than one passenger ) could be cause for an insurer to deny coverage in case of an accident, but have never been sure this is true.  Hoping you can back this parent up with some facts about consequenc es of disregarding rules of a minors license.

 Hello Rebecca,

As to the insurance issue, ultimately it depends on the language of your policy.  Having said that, there are several issues here.

First - and I assume you have done this - as soon as your youngsters become old enough to drive, your insurance company must be notified.  Rates are based on risk, and certainly risk increases when inexperienced drivers are added to the policy. Now ordinarily the carrier will renew that policy with the addition of these drivers, however you will no doubt experience an immediate rate increase.

Again, depending on the language of the policy, people who fail to notify their insurance company regarding the addition of new drivers can have their policy cancelled as a result.  And, any subsequent claims would be denied.

It appears that you have added the kids to the policy.  Based on experience, I will assume that their addition comes with conditions or exclusions.  Meaning, of course, that they must drive in accordance with state law.  If they do not, it would be fairly certain that claims would be denied.  Again, check your policy documents for specifics.

But there is an even greater consequence in my opinion.  Aside from the obvious financial repercussions of having insurance claims denied, the far more serious issues rest with the potential for serious accidents and serious bodily harm.  And I say this as a former police officer and as an insurance professional.

By nature, young people never believe that this will happen to them.  More so even than older people!  They dismiss that they could be seriously injured.  But what about the ramifications of killing or maiming someone else?

Junior licenses are issued for a reason.  Not only are these kids inexperienced as drivers, they are also inexperienced in life. Coupled together, this can form a potentially deadly situation.  

Certainly it is a major setback to achieve a bad driving record as a junior driver.  Insurance consequences and financial consequences can stay with one for years.  But to have to bear the cost of maiming or killing someone else ... it lasts a lifetime.  Are your children prepared to suffer those potential consequences just because they might want to break the rules?

The importance of relying on the knowledge of experienced authorities and experienced parents cannot be overemphasized.  Certainly bad things can happen when one does play by the rules.  But the chances of very bad things happening when one is not playing by established rules - rules that were written for very specific reasons - are far far greater.  The consequences can have deadly, permanent consequences.

I wish you well.

Jane Pytel  

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