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Auto Insurance Claims/Personal Injury with preexisting condition in a different part of body


Hi, I was involved in a rear end collision, it was a 3 car accident, with me being rear ended first, which caused me to barely bump the car in front of me.  Initially I didn't think I was injured, but after a nonstop headache for 2-1/2 days and excruciating left arm pain, I went to the ER on the 3rd day after the accident.  The physical damage portion to my claim has been taken care of, damages to my car were $3200.  The ER did a CT with contrast, diagnosed me with "cervical sprain" - and send me home to follow up with my regular doctor, which I did.  I visited regular doctor every two weeks, while the nonstop headaches were going on, he upped my pain medication for about 2 months, as I am already on pain management for my lumbar spine, in which I have 2 herniated discs and a fractured sacroiliac joint (the lumbar problems manifested in 2005, from a bad fall I sustained while pregnant, nearly ready to deliver in 1997).  Basically my question is this.  I have never had a neck injury, or even been injured in a car accident, ever.  I have spoken with an atty who says he believes the ins. adjuster will try to say that my neck injury which is NEW, is preexisting because I do have lower back problems. I have not given the PI adjuster any information, no recorded statement, no SSN, not much of anything.  I had headaches for a month solid, then one day, they subsided, and now I only get one occasionally along with neck "cracking", the left arm pain has also subsided.  I probably should also mention, that the impact of the rear end collision actually BROKE my drivers seat, as in it was permanently in the lying down position after the accident.  So the impact broke my seat.  My general doctor released me saying that I was healing as I should be after approx. 6-8 weeks, I've not been to any chiropractic treatments.  At this point, I'm ready to submit my demand package to the adjuster, and am really looking for some idea as to a figure to start with, my medical bills are approx $7000. I work for my husband, so lost wages will be hard to prove, so I'm not even going to try.  Pain and suffering is the main thing I don't' know what to ask for.  I lost over a month of my life, dealing with this "new" pain - severe headaches, with heating pads, and pain medications (increased) for nearly 6 weeks.  Accident happened almost 4 months ago.  Anyone who can give me any advice would be greatly appreciated.  I just want a fair settlement, I don't want to have to hire an atty, but I will if I believe I need to, when that time comes.  I am only looking for a "fair" settlement, that is ALL. I have pictures, medical bills, everything I need to submit the demand, I just need a ballpark figure with which to start, and advice on how to negotiate.  I'm pretty level headed, worked in corporate America all my life, and good at dealing with people, so I'm fairly confident I can negotiate adequately.  Thanks for any responses!

One more thing, sorry!  Loss of consortium claims ... is this a reasonable thing to ask for?  Not so much for sexual relations, but for the fact, like I said, I help with my husbands machine shop business, and I did all of his office work, picking up and delivering of parts, delivery to vendors and customers, which I was unable to do during the first month after the accident.  This accident also exacerbated my pain in lower back, and also increased my already existent depression/anxiety levels.  Ok, I'm finished - any response appreciated.  (Accident happened in NC).

Hi Michelle,

This is part two of my twenty-three page answer

Congratulations, Michelle!! You have handled this VERY WELL to date by not giving any statement to the adjuster, nor giving away your SSN.  Since this is not a first party claim (i.e. one made versus your own insurer), there is NO DUTY WHATSOEVER to speak with the adjuster.  Sure, she will try to make you feel like some kind of domestic terrorist if you do not let her record you, but that is a pressure tactic, and nothing more.  Do NOT fall for her pressure tactics—refuse to give her a statement.  

Now, we teach personal injury claims tactics at www.SettlementCentral.Com so insurance adjuster tricks are exposed for making high value insurance settlements.  Our members at injury claim help SettlementCentral.Com get demand letter help as well.  But among the early tactics we teach are those dealing with communications with the adjuster.  And the very first thing we teach is to do JUST as you are doing: give no statement.

Look, Michelle, this adjuster is a pro at disarming the victim and getting them to discuss their injuries and their activities before and after the accident.  You will have a better shot at being accurate in such descriptions if you do so in writing.  So just tell the adjuster that.  And politely decline his demand for an interview.

Another worry for me is that she might try to get you to make an early settlement.  Is this book I am writing going on too long for you?  I do not mind putting in the extra time, and hopefully you do not mind learning just a bit more so that your claim is not undermined by a ten minute phone call with the adjuster.  

We can easily dispose of her efforts to get you to jump at an early settlement.  She will make it all seem so simple and easy.  And by the way, did you know that getting an early settlement is a favorite trick of the insurance adjusters?  Please see our website wherein we show Insurance Claim Adjuster Secret Tactics adjuster tricks explained here: the “review committee” ruse and other tips to fight for a fair insurance settlement bodily injury award.

Responding to Settlement Offer From Insurance Claims Adjuster respond to adjuster settlement offer in writing only.  

OK, Michelle, here is the real worry I have for you: the adjuster getting you in a recorded phone call and you are unable to state WHY this injury is not related to your preexisting condition—you might become flustered with the adjuster’s badgering questions and insinuations.  

This is the example that we most fear, and it is why we do not want our insurance claim www.SettlementCentral.Com members giving insurance adjusters recorded statements.  Remember: this is HER TURF, not yours.  She has done this a lot; you have done this not ever before.  

The point here, Michelle: you have no duty whatsoever to get involved in that conversation.  She can ask all of those via her attorney in the discovery phase if this goes to a lawsuit.  But of course by then you will also have guidance from your own attorney as to how to field those kinds of attacks that are disguised as questions.  Does this make sense to you: you do NOT have to give her any recorded statement!

So, politely, but firmly, decline the interview.  Tell her you would prefer to make a thorough and accurate response to her inquiries, so ask if she could kindly put them in writing and you will get right back to her with the responses.  Tell her that you know that she needs full information to make a fair settlement, and you are dedicated to providing all information that is relevant.  So could she please let you know what kind of information she is seeking, and you will provide it to her without delay.  

My purpose here is not so solicit you as a member of insurance claims tips at www.SettlementCentral.Com but free insurance tips and insurance claims ideas are a different story, and I think we have some free pages that you will find useful.  What if the adjuster does get you to give her a recorded statement?  So, while our site is not focused on your exact situation, particularly with respect to the work situation, we believe the kinds of questions listed below will give you some idea of what to expect.

Detailed listing of questions to be expected from insurance claims adjuster  car wreck adjuster questions—short list.  Here is a better outline of questions to be expected from insurance claims adjuster auto accident claim again--longer list for you.

OH—I just thought of this: what if you have already given a recorded statement to the insurance adjuster.  Well, do not jump the bridge—there are some things you can do, and the first has to be to get your hands on a copy of your statement. Here are two pages that tell what to do now if you have already given a recorded statement to the adjuster.  I see now that they are nearly the same, so staff will have to trim one of them.  But just scan them to get an idea or two if you have already given the insurance adjuster a statement.  Recorded or Written Statement To The Adjuster After Injury Accident  already made a recorded statement to the insurance adjuster


#9. How to value your bodily injury insurance claim
Learn about valuing insurance claims with  www.SettlementCentral.Com money topics insurance adjusters use.

How does one figure out what to ask for?  Quick Answer: get as much as you can.  Figure out what would make you happy, and increase that amount by at least 50%!  The value is what you and the adjuster agree it will be.  I mean, that is the real answer—or if you file a lawsuit, the value is what you agree to, or what a jury says it is.  Well, if that is not scientific enough for you, let’s learn a bit more about valuation of personal injury claims.

Valuation is not like going to a drive-in for a fast food meal.  It takes time and study of many factors, including liability and medical records.  Plus, one would like to meet the claimant to see how she will “sell” to the other side and to the jury.  Those online sources that mention a "rule of thumb" is just that: a gross estimate.

SHORT ANSWER: A common theme among those who still think a “rule of thumb” formula will put you in the valuation ballpark is to multiply the medical specials times a number from ONE to FIVE (depending upon factors, some of which I will give you later—or all of which are fully discussed in the members' side of our website, dealing with insurance settlements www.SettlementCentral.Com injury claim valuation).  Then that figure is the total value of the personal injury portion of the claim.  Of course there is a long list of factors to consider for adding or deducting from the total.

Let's take a look just one factor that puts the lie to the general use of this rule of thumb.  A not so obvious, but very important factor that shows how inaccurate a “rule of thumb” formula can be is just plain location of the trial.  Let's start with geography.  Values differ from state to state, and within each state.  City values are often different than rural values on claims, especially if the economy is tenuous in small towns.  And the differences can be HUGE between these areas, even if only 20 miles apart.

Here is a listing of factors that will affect both the multiplier you will use, as well as the value of the claim inasmuch as they will increase or decrease the product of your multiplication.  Since you are already well underway in this process, just pick out maybe four or five strong points and argue those in your demand letter.

This is a big one because it most dramatically affects value.  No worries for you on this one.

2. Trauma suffered
The value of your claim increases with a bigger crash, and decreases with a low damage.  Why? Just human nature.  Here, your property damage amount was not large, so you might cite some reason for that.  BUT your crashed and destroyed seat show a lot of trauma, so make a big point of that.

3. Medical special damages
Cost of medical and related health care expenses; higher costs usually equate to an increase in value (excepting, of course, cases of gross overtreatment).  

4. Type of injury
Where does the injury fall within the insurance industry's "hierarchy list" of valuing injuries?  Irrespective of which injury may cause more pain, injuries are valued according to seriousness, tendency to be persistent or permanent, and whether or not they need objective proof to be believed (e.g. a broken bone versus soft tissue strain).  I believe that your scan will reveal some nerve pressure.  

5. Type of medical care
Where does the medical care fall within the insurance industry's "hierarchy list" of valuing medical care?  Orthopedists at the top, chiropractors near the bottom.  

6. Prognosis- future care—permanency of injury or pain and suffering—does your doctor recommend 6 months of care, or were you done treating 4 months ago?   Even if you are done treating, will the doctor predict future problems?  Your general doctor sounds kind of weak here.  I would get in to see a neurologist ASAP.

7. Your medical and claims history, prior accidents, prior injuries or treatment of the same area of the body.  NONE—give up no ground on the bogus preexisting condition argument, EXCEPT to state that IF you did have any cervical condition, it made you more susceptible to injuries than a normal person.

8. Impairment of quality of life.  Your depression and anxiety fit in here, so make sure that if your doctor does not have it in his notes already, he is willing to write a narrative report or a narrative letter to discuss how your suffering impacted your depression.  Search the site for narrative report or letter.   

9. Quality and persistence of pain suffered.

10. Quality and thoroughness of her medical records.

11. Lost wages.  

12. Loss of relationship, aka loss of consortium.  Not just sexual relations, but loss of the whole range of benefits a loving relationship provides.  This claim belongs to the uninjured spouse.  


#10. Loss of consortium versus lost wages or lower income for the business
“One more thing, sorry! Loss of consortium claims ... is this a reasonable thing to ask for? Not so much for sexual relations, but for the fact, like I said, I help with my husband’s machine shop business, and I did all of his office work, picking up and delivering of parts, delivery to vendors and customers, which I was unable to do during the first month after the accident. This accident also exacerbated my pain in lower back, and also increased my already existent depression/anxiety levels.”

RESPONSE: Nope, this is NOT loss of consortium.  That is a term for loss of relationship and it belongs to the spouse.  How did your injury and your resulting depression cause him to lose the value of your companionship and love over these months?  Such claims DO have value, but it is hard to prove, so most do not even try.  But I would document some of this that happened between you in post-accident versus your existing relationship and put it in your demand letter.  

As for lost wages, YES, this IS provable claim.  It will take some witness statements from your husband, and any other worker if there is one—and use a couple of the customers.  But it IS provable, and all you have to so is to make the facts appear on paper.  Since you are either paid a wage or not paid a wage, your proof will be easy as showing reduced wages, or more difficult as showing how your absence impacted the business.  

You can demonstrate the change in billings and deliveries from last year to this year.  You can use the lay witness testimony of some customers who had to wait for deliveries.  And by the way, do NOT FORGET to mention if there is any weight involved in making those deliveries. Put that topic in the demand letter under impact of the injuries on my life.

But DO think about making a claim for decreased business by using the comparisons of pre versus post-accident.  You use the tax returns to show the annual gross income.  And that is your claim, the GROSS INCOME LOST, not the NET.  OK?


#11. “I am only looking for a "fair" settlement, that is ALL”   That makes you adjuster bait—something they get to “high-five” about: four months is WAAAAY TOO SOON for settlement

If in fact you have suffered injuries via this trauma that will have an impact on the rest of your life, why would you want to trade the right to a full value settlement just to be done with it and get this process over with?  THAT attitude is a dream claimant for the insurance adjuster.  

Five or ten years from now, when you cannot use your left arm without pain and when it aches all the time after some physical activity, will you be so happy to have given away your rights to be fully compensated just for the quick release of not having to do anything further on your claim?

In the first place, do you think it is OK to settle now?  Is your neck and arm completely healed such that after a full day at work or after a full day of yard work or after a full day of your favorite physical activities you have no residual pains at night or soreness the next morning?  Healed such that you can lift things and do the same activities as you did last summer without any worry that you will have pain that night?  If that is the case, go ahead and settle.  If not, it seems a little early to quit your treatments and early to settle.  If you do have pains as I discussed above, you might consider trying chiropractic. Severe Whiplash and Soft Tissue Car Accident Injuries are Treated Most Effectively by Chiropractors, According www.SettlementCentral.Com self-help insurance claim Members.

If you do have some pains, then Continue Medical Treatment for Residual Injury Pains and do NOT Settle too Soon.  Get yourself into a neurologist as soon as you can.

Since your crash was at sufficient speed to crash and break your seat, then you were in a crash hard enough to cause serious injuries.  I am willing to bet that even after your treatments, once you start to get more active, you will notice pains once again.  Mark my words that at first you will have a dull ache, and that ache will become a nagging pain with your increased physical activity if it is not treated.

Listen to your body and to get medical attention when you feel any aches or pains that continue for a day or more.  GET MEDICAL CARE FOR YOUR INJURIES—if you have any aches, DO IT NOW.  You were involved in an accident with a lot of impact.  It is likely your body suffered trauma sufficient to cause injuries.  And there is no reason why you should suffer.  

It seems like you are trying to get a quick settlement, but that is instead the goal of the insurance adjuster.  SHE wants the quick settlement, NOT you.


Let's just finish up this topic of early settlements Michelle, so you get the full picture of the advantage to them and the risks to you.  Insurance companies like to settle early because the general damages—claims for pain and suffering—are always minimal after such a short time as your four months, but they continue to grow with continued medical/therapeutic care over the months. Therefore, the insurance adjuster will try to settle before the claim merits a larger pain and suffering element. This makes good sense for the insurance company. A claim that is still active after 12 months, with an injured claimant still undergoing treatment, will settle for a lot more pain and suffering money than a claim that is settled after three months of treatment.

In soft tissue cases such as this, the full extent of most injuries is not known immediately after finishing early rounds of treatment, because the injured person has to undergo some of the wear and tear of everyday life, including the pounding her body will receive from a day's work. Even jobs that appear not to be physically demanding can be hard on an injured body.

Plus, who will pay for your medical care incurred AFTER you settle?  What if you were to settle now and nine months later when you are suffering at work and the pain starts to become too much, and you go to a chiropractor only to discover that you can expect a course of treatment that will cost a lot of money?  After you settle your claim, all further treatment is YOUR responsibility. Except in specific, unusual situations, you cannot go back and re-open a settlement.  

Here is page from our website that shows in detail why you should never make an early personal injury insurance claims settlement wait to settle car wreck injuries.

And, of course, once you settle, THAT IS IT: you will never see another dime in pain and suffering money.  By the way, did you know that getting an early settlement is a favorite trick of the insurance adjusters?  Please see our website wherein we show Insurance Claim Adjuster Secret Tactics bogus insurance adjuster tricks.

I know that you think this is going on too far with this one topic, Michelle, but I HAVE TO TELL YOU that this is a REAL danger that I have seen many times.  So just have patience a bit longer and commit yourself to read the following:

There may be a dull ache at night following a day at work, or some physical activity or pain the next morning.  DO NOT LET LITTLE PAINS GO UNATTENDED SINCE YOU DO NOT KNOW WHETHER THEY WILL CONTINUE OR GO AWAY.  We all hope and believe that such little pains will disappear soon.  But on the other hand, we have no way of knowing since this is the way serious fractures and soft tissue injuries can behave.  

So, when this happens, even if a couple months or more post-treatment, do not hesitate to SEE A DOCTOR AND ATTRIBUTE THE PAIN TO THE ACCIDENT WITHOUT EQUIVOCATION.  It is NEVER TOO LATE TO REPORT PERSONAL INJURIES FROM A FALL ACCIDENT bodily injury follow-up care.

"No medicine: no money"; medical costs increase worth of personal injury insurance claims insurance adjusters base value on medical treatments.


#12. Serious claim and attorney needed?—or can you do this on your own?
Yes—IMO, this is a fairly serious injury claim!  Of course I could be waaaay off if in fact your injuries are just sort of minor.  But I cannot take that risk, Michelle.  You wrote about a “nonstop headache for 2-1/2 days and excruciating left arm pain”, which led me to believe you probably have fairly serious injuries.  Hence this “book” I have written for you.  I had to make a good explanation and plan for you in case you decided to try to finish this on your own, which you stated was your intent.  

Can you do this on your own?  YES, as you have shown yourself to be experienced in the ways of business and a good writer and someone who can follow instructions.  You are level-headed and not going to be easily pushed around by the adjuster.  You are willing to put in the time it will take to learn what to do and to make the proper file with documentation.  But you MUST, at the minimum, get a good book on the topic or consider joining our website insurance claim help www.SettlementCentral.Com online auto accident assistance.  The best book is from Nolo, IMO, if you want to go that route.  Do one or the other, but do not go ahead blind since there are too many ways to be abused, and YES, the insurance adjusters DO get the “high-five” treatment whenever they can abuse auto accident victims.  The do NOT get paid for being fair—that is just propaganda from TV advertising.  

But the one advantage of bringing in an attorney at this stage is you are protected from having your doctors “dump” you.  Yes, that can and does happen.  The issue of being dumped versus continued medical care depends upon what kind of care you are entitled to, of course.  In other words, how easily the doctors can access payment.  But also, it depends upon whether or not you have someone in your corner who is looking out for you to get good care.  Someone who will push back on the medical establishment and INSIST upon proper care for you.

In your case, the very first thing any experienced attorney may wonder about is WHY you were not sent to a neurologist for the left arm pain if it continued for as long as it did.  And if you were my client, I would get you in for an examination by a neurologist as soon as practicable.  

A good attorney will work hard to settle the insurance claim, that much we know.  But have you also considered that a good attorney will ALSO WORK HARD to make sure his client gets good doctoring?  In my own practice I had many instances where I was able to get continued care for my client notwithstanding the choice of the medical group to stop treatment once there was no money for payment.

We do have a attorney fee negotiation www.SettlementCentral.Com save thousands on your personal injury insurance claim attorney fees.  That is well worth the SettlementCentral.Com membership fee since some simple changes to the personal injury professional services agreement can put thousands of dollars into the pocket of the injured victim of negligence.  

If you are going to proceed on your own, at least seek out and get a FREE INTERVIEW from a member of your state’s trial lawyers association.  NO—this is NOT the state bar association.  The trial lawyers associations across the country are the ones who represent plaintiffs.  These are the experts.  Make sure you get someone who has handled nerve injury claims.  

We do list the contact information for each state on our “links” page www.SettlementCentral.Com Trial Lawyers Associations by State near the top.

It is true that the head offices of those organizations will not give out the names of their members (think of the blitz of advertising they would receive).  But I have access to those names for some attorneys in your area.  NO, we do not ever receive any form of payment for referring someone to an attorney.  All we do is to get two or three names in your area who specialize in what you need (i.e. we need attorneys experienced in brain injury claims for you) and we pass those on to you.  

The attorneys never know who we are or how you got their names.  When we provide attorney names to choose from, we never ever know or care who you contact or who you select.  We do not receive any kind of kickback or referral fee.  I do not need to know who you selected.  If you want me to pass along some names, just let me know what general location for their office would work best for you.


#13. How to make your own personal injury insurance claim www.SettlementCentral.Com free advice and free examples

Everyone thinks that they can simply send off a demand letter and from there the settlement of their claim will be a simple task.  In fact, we teach injured auto accident victims at SettlementCentral.Com insurance claim techniques for do it yourself, but a person has to do some real work, not just learn the techniques of how to make a good insurance claim settlement.  And from what I can see of your business experience, and of your writing and your work, you would be a good candidate for self-help car accident claim insurance settlement tips at www.SettlementCentral.Com injury claim self help instructions.  

Learn how to handle a SELF-HELP INSURANCE SETTLEMENT—this is just in case you want to make your own insurance claim settlement using free advice www.SettlementCentral.Com examples and insurance claim free help below.  OK, Michelle, let’s look at self-help methods of resolving your auto accident claim.  Learn how to settle your personal injury insurance claim AND DO IT YOURSELF via SettlementCentral.Com membership access excellent examples, forms and advice on insurance settlements.  But here we will give some of the free legal advice information www.SettlementCentral.Com insurance claim help online for you.

Here is a series of pages that you can review.  Take what makes sense to you and don't worry about the rest.  Just get a flavor of how the system works without spending a ton of time right now.   

Just skim this first one and don't spend much time on it: overview Tort Law Personal Injury Legal Claims

Managing Medical Care After Auto Accident:

Medical Care Documentation-the Key to Successful Personal Injury Insurance Claim Settlements


Use a Confidential Personal Injury Diary for TOP DOLLAR Insurance Claim Settlements

Outline of questions to be expected from insurance claims adjuster

Detailed listing of questions to be expected from insurance claims adjuster

By the way, did you know that getting an early settlement is a favorite trick of the insurance adjusters?  Please see our website wherein we show Insurance Claim Adjuster Secret Tactics

Responding to Settlement Offer From Insurance Claims Adjuster

Do It Yourself Advantages, or do these claims need an attorney?  As for an ATTORNEY, this does not seem to be a case that involves any legal issues in dispute nor any large or complex damages.  Why should you pay someone one-third to do what you can do yourself?  Do-It-Yourself Personal Injury Claims; Eliminate Personal Injury Attorneys' Fees; Save Thousands of Dollars Settling Your Own Insurance Claim

Without having to join our website, I have given a lot of free information on handling insurance claims without having to join as a member.  Read the module at "5 Easy Steps to Do-it-Yourself Insurance Claim Settlement"

This stuff is not rocket science, but it will take some effort on your part to read and cut and paste letter examples and to communicate.  But hundreds of people are doing it each day, and they are getting good results.  

What if you get only two-thirds the way to your settlement goal?  Well, you can get as big a settlement as you can and then turn it over to an attorney and save a lot of fees.  Thus, you could go it alone just to get an insurance settlement offer, and then take that insurance settlement offer to a personal injury attorney, thus exempting the amount of the offer from her fees.  Do It Yourself Personal Injury Settlement Offer Reduces Personal Injury Attorney Fees


#14. Why I will not be available via
For reasons not relevant here, I am two four days late in getting back to you, Michelle.  There are some personal circumstances that have impacted my ability to make timely responses of the quality that I like to give to the questioners; my doctors are helping with that.  Yours is the longest response I have ever done.  I have worked hard each day for you because I am very worried you might just try to dash off a demand letter, and years later regret it.

I do not want to give you just junk for an answer.  Making no real effort to “help”, but just basically sending you on your way with no real assistance is worse than not offering to help at all.  So I insist upon holding myself up to the standards I set here for many years, but it is very difficult this past year for me to perform to that standard.  

As a consequence, I have had to take another leave of absence from this site, effective immediately.  I have had to take many leaves of absence in the past nine months because of my condition. And I do not know when I will be able to return.  If you try to contact me at, the site shows that I am “on vacation”.  Wish it were true!  But instead, I am in treatment, and hope to return to full functioning some day, maybe by Summer.  

So there is no way for you to contact me through this site.  What I tried maybe two or three times before is to offer my “customers” here some of my private time in recognition of my appreciation for their having selected me from among all the other experts to help them.  I want to reward them for having made that choice (of choosing me) by offering my private e-mail to them in case they need additional information.  Hence, I will pass along that same opportunity to you, Michelle.


#15. How to contact me via my private e-mail.
If I am wrong and the injuries you suffered are not so severe as I fear, then my answer here should be in sufficient detail to satisfy your needs.  But if I am correct in my conclusion that you have suffered very serious injuries, and if you would like to go further with me and explore any other issues for you, then I will instruct the staff at our website for insurance claim help www.SettlementCentral.Com tips and tricks to settle bodily injury claims to put your e-mail through to me.  

Here is how to do that.  Go to the home page of that auto accident claim help www.SettlementCentral.Com insurance adjuster letter site, and look for “contact us” in the top right of that home page.  In the body of your message, put in this language:

I am writing with the permission of Dr. Settlement via my question at

Then, put in your message whatever you wish to ask or to add or to supplement with the information I have asked for in this answer.  And, Michelle, feel free to add any additional questions you wish to ask, and the staff at that car accident claim www.SettlementCentral.Com demand letter instructions site will pass your e-mail through to me.

Read my entire answer—yes I KNOW you will need a pot of coffee to make it through all that I am going to give you here—so you can get a good idea or the topics you would want me to address if you wish to have a better answer to your questions.  Do NOT worry about any formal type of writing, Michelle, since it will only be between you and me.  Your e-mail message will not be published online—it will stay in my inbox, and I will write directly back to you.  Everything will be private, OK?


#16. Feedback at this point?
OK, Michelle, we have come to the end.  Finally!

The two last topics are (1) communicate in writing ONLY, if possible, and (2) please consider giving feedback at this time since this is the only opportunity for that.

Effective communication with insurance claims adjusters.  Establish Firm, Professional, and Positive Relationships With the Insurance Injury Claims Adjuster settle insurance claim via e-mail not over the phone.

How about avoiding those phone calls and try to always communicate with the adjuster in writing, showing your own analysis in writing?  It is OK I guess to have one call or so, but no more.   Always have your information and ammunition in writing to give to the adjuster.

Let her know that you are FIRM IN YOUR RESOLVE to get what you are demanding (NOT "asking", since that invites a counter-offer, but instead "demanding" as fair and reasonable compensation) by asking her what the options are to resolve the matter fairly should she not agree to a reasonable claim value. In other words, let her know that you will go through with a court filing if need be.

Remember these tips, do your homework, print out your evidence, show resolve to get your fair settlement, and you will DO JUST FINE.

I trust that my extra time here has produced some information that has been of value to you, and thus I would respectfully request that you take the time to locate the FEEDBACK FORM on this site and leave some feedback for me.  This will be your only opportunity to do that since if you were to write to my private e-mail, everything would be between us, with no interface with this website.  

With respect to my delay for four days in answering, I promised that I would mention this at the end.  I do have a personal situation that makes it difficult to perform my work. Hence, I have had to ask for (and have been granted) many days in a leave of absence.  This one day that I tried to open myself for questions was the first time in over nine months that I have tried.  And when it became apparent that I could not do my work, I had to close my availability and ask for yet another leave of absence.  This is probably the sixth or seventh time I have had to do that, just in the past six months.  I hope that you will understand that, and also that my delay in these four days has not been an inconvenience or hardship for you.

Best Wishes, Michelle,  

Dr. Settlement, J.D. (Juris Doctor)


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