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My house was robbed on 4/2013. all requested paperwork and proof of loss (on cd) was mailed by 5/14/2013 the home videos showing loss items had to be converted to .wmv format for the insurer to review, which was done to include 15 emails of same proof of loss via library by 5/22/2013. the adjuster verified receipt of items via telephone. after numerous messages to original adjuster from 6/4/2013 to 6/28/2013 I ended up with the manger who knew nothing of what I spoke of. By 7/12/2013 my claim has jumped from the original adjuster to another with no reasoning and have been told because of my many items it will take some time to review. I believe the company has dragged their feet with my case and feel the delay to reach a resolution for over 60 days is inexcusable.  I have a surgery coming up in about 2 weeks to clear up some tumors and would like to have this cleared up if possible before then. I am disabled and every request made to me by my insured company has been met with promptly. My question: is there a guideline as to when a claim should be reasonably processed?

Most states have laws that payment must be made so many days after the claim is "accepted". In practice insurers can drag out a claim as long as they notify the Department of Insurance that they are still investigating. Just make sure you dont blow the statute of limitations to sue them if necessary.

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