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In 7/11 I filed a claim for hail damage on my 2002 Honda Accord, 8/11 decided to keep the car; however the insurance company determined current value was $8626 but retained salvage value of $3500 and paid me $5026. I kept car due to perfect driving condition,major repairs and low mileage. Due to payout had to reduce insurance to liability.  10/11 was rear-ended twice and again car was determined a total loss due to severe rear damage.

Their insurance company determined car was valued at $5644 however subtracted $5000 for prior hail damage and my settlement would be only $644. I understand I'm not entitled to full value of the car but can I get salvage/scrap value from their insurance company since accident was not my fault? The towing company destroyed my car without my knowledge, I don't even know who paid the tow/storage bill or if insurance received money for destruction. I did not take this offer, what is the best way to find salvage/scrap value?  Or am I being unreasonable?

What rights do I have in the state of WI to fight for more than $644?  

I greatly appreciate your time and any assistance/info regarding this matter. Help me understand the process.


I dont know about Wisconsin law but this answer will apply to most states since we are talking about property damage. You have a separate legal claim against the towing company for additional damages they caused. And you must present your own hail damage estimate/s to the other insurer or small claims court judge. Negotiating salvage is very tricky. You have to make them think you dont want the salvage so they will lowball it, then "change your mind" after you have their lowball value in writing, and before you release interest in the car. Sneaky, but they do the same thing to you. You will get much more detail on these answers in the Total Loss Auto Advice Deluxe eBook at

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