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QUESTION: i was in a automovile accident got hit from behind my truck is total the driver on the other vehicle is the owners son and is not insured and no license now her insurance doesnt want to cover my truck and me my wife and sister inlaw are hurt what can i do?

ANSWER: Dear Lupe,

Thank you for trusting Dr. Settlement internet insurance claim expert to help you with your problem.  I do have five ways to proceed, but I want to do some research first on your state laws. The site here showed you are in Texas, but I do not see that in your question.  Can you please tell me what state you are in?

No matter what state, I will give you some alternatives to go after the OWNER of the vehicle.

Oh, the first thing is to clear up whether or not you have Uninsured Motorist Insurance (UIM).

If you do, then by all means open two claims ASAP.  

The first claim is for the medical treatments for your wife and her sister.  The second claim is for your vehicle.  In Texas there is no deductible allowed to be charged against you on your UIM medical pay claim and IIRC, something like a $250 limit on deductible they can charge you on your property damage.  

BUT--even if you do not have UIM, I have a pretty surefire way of putting the owner's feet to the fire until he coughs up the money necessary to cover the damages his son caused.  Just let me know your state by asking this question again.  

And, Lupe, if you cannot get through to me at, then go to our insurance claim website help auto crash help online and go to the "contact us" button top right and when you fill in the box, tell them that you and I met at where doctor settlement the highest rated online expert help is answering your questions.  

That way, the staff will not delete your email, but will pass it to me for helping you.  OK?

Anyway, your homework for now is to advise me of your UIM coverage, if any, and the state where your policy was purchased and the state where the accident occurred.  

I think you will like at least one of my ideas -- it will teach dad a lesson to not let his son drive his vehicle without insurance!

Dr. Settlement, J.D. (Juris Doctor)

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I do not have uim and i live in texas

Lupe, I need to know whether or not you filed an accident report with the state Department of Transportation.  If not, you will do that right away, and list both injuries.  Do NOT WORRY about being late in filing it.  Just get it done.  And be sure to list the owner of the vehicle and the fact that the vehicle was not insured for the son to drive it.  Also show the son as driver with no insurance.  

What I want you to do is to get two copies, and make a rough draft and email me as I instructed.  We will go over it.

Reason being: Texas has a financial responsibility law under which the driver's licenses of the driver with no insurance and the owner who lets his car be driven with no insurance WILL BE SUSPENDED FOR AS LONG AS IT TAKES THEM TO POST FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE ACCIDENT.  In addition, the REGISTRATION of that vehicle will also BE SUSPENDED for a like time.  Hence, not only can they not drive, they cannot even sell the car b/c whoever buys it will not be able to get a license.   

Here is the reference to your statute:
Texas Statutes - Subchapter F: SECURITY FOLLOWING ACCIDENT
Under this section, 601.152 notes that the DPS shall suspend the driver's license and vehicle registrations of the owner and operator of a motor vehicle if:
(1) the vehicle is involved in any manner in an accident; and
(2) the department finds that there is a reasonable probability that a judgment will be rendered against the person as a result of the accident.

Now is when it gets a bit complex, and that is why I want to go over things in our private email exchanges using the email at my site for online insurance claim help top dollar insurance claim settlement instructions.

I will want to go over with you how to word things so you get the department to do what you want.  Also, note that those suspensions will be lifted after two years following the accident UNLESS you institute a lawsuit in the meantime - in which case those suspensions will remain.

BTW, what is the value of that vehicle that hit you?  They might have to part with a lot of their property, depending upon the extent of injuries the three of you suffered.

I trust that my extra work here has been of significant value to you, and thus respectfully request that you locate the feedback forum on this website and leave some feedback for me since this will be your last chance on this website because we will move now to emails via our website.  

Until I hear from you on insurance claim help website,

Best wishes,

Doctor Settlement, J.D. (Juris Doctor)


OK, Lupe, thanks for that update.  For some reason, allexperts did not send it to me until they sent me a follow-up this morning.  I have in mind what you need to do in Texas--all I have to do now is a bit of research as to the statutory procedures by which you will get the driver's licenses of BOTH the son and the dad suspended until they either post financial responsibility or pay your damages - both the medical bills and the pain and suffering.

I will do the research today and make a supplement to this answer.  And if you have other stuff you want to discuss, go back to my first answer and read how to write to me - let my staff know that you do have my permission so they will not just delete your email.  

I will get my answer out to you tonight, which is January 12th, OK?

Best wishes,

Dr. Settlement, J.D.

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