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hi..need to ask something. a few weeks ago, i was slowing down for a red light that i was coming to. all of a sudden the guy behind me drove right into the back end of my car, totally destroyed the rear bumper. i have a police report. nationwide insurance is doing nothing with this; did not even send an adjuster over. seems they are refusing to help pay for damages and a loaner car. i call them and they dont answer the phone, and dont respond to voice mails. besides maybe a lawyer, is there anything i can do to make them do what they are supposed to do, besides nothing? thank you!

You haven't provided enough detail for me to answer with specifics.  What I can tell you is that insurance companies cannot decide "just not to pay".  If they are going to deny your claim, they have to provide an explanation.  In writing.

They have a duty to protect their insured.  If they refuse to pay, they are not protecting that insured.  The insured paid for benefits and the insurance company must make good on that agreement.

Here's what I suggest.  Call the carrier on a main number.  Give them your claim number and ask to speak to the claims manager overseeing that claim. Also ask for the manager's email.  If the Customer Service Rep refuses to cooperate, call back and speak to someone who will, even if you need to speak to a supervisor.

Explain to the claims manager that the adjuster is ignoring you and that you need an update on your claim.  You will need to be persistent.  Keep calling and sending emails until someone responds to you. Be assertive yet polite.

Above all, understand that if they are going to deny your clam, they must have a reason ... and they must deny it in writing. The reason must be contingent on a policy condition.

Good luck

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