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Date of lose 10/8/2013 Colorado. Insured Reports Claimant B(uninsured) rear-ended claimant C ( Minimum state Limits)rear-ended insured (Lovato Uninsured coverage w/no pip) who rear-ended claimant D who left scene of accident. Claimant B was at fault and given the ticket. Dr. said I had  whiplash soft tissue damage and was sent to PT until 1/21/2014. At that time I continued the at home exercise and in April started negotiating with my Ins. I was feeling great!They have made 2 offers both under what I was asking for. However, I have turned from trip  last night. I was on plane 3.50 each way. My neck  issue have returned, neck pain, stiffness, limited movement and headache. Who knew that flying  could cause this!! Do I send my Ins a letter letting them know that just flying in a plane has aggravated my injuries and I am seeking medical treatment? Or at this point should I get a legal representative?

Dear Debbie,

Thank you for the EXCELLENT summary of your claim to date.  You created something I can understand without having to guess about aspects of certain issues, such as liability or which insurer is going to pay you.   Another good thing is that you have not waited even one day to ask for insurance claim help Dr. Settlement gives instructions for auto accident bodily injury insurance awards.  Hence, you are the kind of claimant who deserves our best response, and I will give you nearly an hour of my time to organize a response that I believe will give you the help you seek—and I will offer you the opportunity to contact me directly (via specific directions I will insert at the end).

My answer to your question is organized in FIVE parts:

#1. Return to your doctor.
a)   Make an appointment ASAP to see your doctor—HINT: if you wish to employ a tactic I will mention below, do not make that call until you have read and considered my idea since it is in that call we suggest you plant the seed for what I am going to explain to you.  
b)   Do NOT just think this is a little episode that will simply heal itself and go away.  Insist upon this follow-up medical appointment b/c this is a SERIOUS development.
c)   Make sure you prepare for that appointment in the way I am going to suggest below.
d)   INSIST upon—or be clever enough to accomplish—getting pretty much your full narrative in your medical record.  Do NOT try this overtly—any such suggestions will be met with suspicion and a feeling you are trying to game the system, hence it could work against your interests.  
e)   Our auto accident www.SettlementCentral.Com insurance claim website has a great way to accomplish this—that is, getting much of your narrative into your medical record.  But b/c it is a clever tactic I developed in my own personal injury insurance claim practice SettlementCentral.Com adjuster letters help is in our members’ side only—not available to the public.
f)   No need to join SCC at this time.  You may wish to hold onto your money at this point—there will be no need to join to learn settlement tips www.SettlementCentral.Com teaches insurance claim awards and insurance adjuster letters—b/c I will simply give that technique to you if you contact me.  We do NOT EVER answer emails addressed to me at our car crash victim help SettlementCentral.Com bodily injury claim website.  Instead, I will put in a paragraph below to show you how to make your contact so the staff will send your letter to me instead of simply deleting it.

#2. Do send a letter to the adjuster (but AFTER you send me a draft—that is if you want my review):
a)   telling IN SOME DETAIL about the experience and the fact there is to this day some lingering pain from that episode;
b)   explaining that this is very upsetting since you thought the impacts of the trauma suffered in the accident were behind you;
c)   this return of your pains scares you since there was no precipitating cause other than having to sit in an airplane—you do NOT want to go forward with this settlement until you know your body has been restored as best it can be from any additional treatments your doctor may prescribe;
d)   and as a consequence of this disconcerting episode you will be seeking medical advice;
e)   and therefore your offer is temporarily rescinded.  State that you will need to understand the medical implications of this for your long-term prospects of living pain-free before you can settle this claim.  

#3. Make good notes that you will use for both the adjuster’s letter and for your doctor:
a)   tell what you did before and after the flight (i.e. no  lifting, etc.) to eliminate any assertion that it was your own physical activity that triggered this flare-up.
b)   You did lift and put overhead your carry-on, which weighed no more than twelve pounds.  And you had to walk thru the airports—maybe like 300 feet or so—carrying on your shoulders a purse and your laptop.  That kind of stuff
c)   tell about the flight—nothing remarkable in terms of stressing your neck.
d)   and tell when you first noticed the pain.  Tell the nature of the pain and how long it lasted and whether or not you have had any further flare-up.  

#4. Describe the history of pain in the past five months & following the flights to date.
a)   I do not know whether or not you made much of this kind of thing in your demand letter—maybe complaining about pain is foreign to you, as it is to most of us.  We learn to deal with it and to get on with our lives. So although this may be foreign to you, we need for you to really DIG into your memory for all the activities I will ask about, and for how you felt months ago versus today.
b)   In your history, describe the kinds of activities you were able to participate in prior to that flight.  
c)   Describe how you felt afterward, in fact, if you think about it, you probably DID have a little pain on the return flight, but you dismissed it, thinking maybe you held your neck at an angle of some such cause for pain.
d)   Tell of the kinds of activities you used to do in summer months, but having not had a summer since the accident, you are wary about undertaking at this time.  List everything from outdoor yard work to camping and hiking and other summer activities.

#5. Let auto accident claims expert Dr. Settlement helps with insurance adjusters give you some tips on your notes and letter.
a)   We are not allowed to give legal advice here—so our responses are supposed to be sort of generic in nature, not taking action on any particular claim.  
b)   But I do not see anything wrong with reviewing drafts of your notes and your letter that I have suggested you prepare.  
c)   This is not like my drafting something for you—simply a quick review and perhaps a suggestion here or there for your consideration.  Would that be OK w/you?

I want to have you consider the kinds of activities you do in summer months since you have not been through a summer yet with your injuries.

Do NOT settle your soft tissue injury claim www.SettlementCentral.Com instructs auto accident victims to settle insurance claims ONLY AFTER they know how their bodies will hold up when they return to normal levels of activity.

How to contact insurance claims guru Dr. Settlement, J.D. (Juris Doctor) on bodily injury settlement help.  

Debbie, you DO have permission to write to me at our insurance adjuster tactics website www.SettlementCentral.Com sample claim letters.  Our website is a good way to make contact, but as you might guess, we do get many e-mails there, and people coming from this website trying to get me to answer questions when I am “on vacation” [e.g. doing my regular job each day—hence not available to answer at].  

Our staff does not answer questions b/c of the malpractice risk and b/c we just do not have the time to volunteer for everybody.  So here is how to initiate contact with me.  Go to our car wreck injuries website www.SettlementCentral.Com personal injury claims, and click on the “contact us” button in the top right side of the home page.  A dialogue box will open.  

In there, simply type in that you are a questioner at who has been given permission by Dr. Settlement, J.D.  to contact him directly.  That is all you have to do—oh, sign it with Debbie so I will recognize you.  

That way I can send you anything you need that I mentioned above.

Remember these tips, do your homework, print out your evidence, show resolve to get your fair insurance claim award, and you will DO JUST FINE, Debbie.

I trust that my extra time here has produced some information that has been of value to you, and thus I would respectfully request that you take the time to locate the FEEDBACK FORM on this site and leave some feedback for me.

Best Wishes,

Dr. Settlement, J.D. (Juris Doctor)

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