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My car was hit from behind. The at fault car insurance has taken the responsibility. An orthopedician has prescribed special pain relief cream for my back pain. I was told my coinsurance payment is about $2500. Do I have to call the at fault car insurance to get a preapproval or I can go ahead to pay for it and then provide the at fault car insurance with the receipt? What is the best way to deal with the extreme expensive medicine after the car accident?


I am sorry for your experience and I can relate all too well. In 1997, was rear ended while stopped at a red light on the expressway off ramp by a school buss going in excess of 60 mph. Altered my life forever. Was never supposed to walk again, but at least proved them wrong on that point. I have 10 herniated discs in my spine now with scoliosis and two bad knees from that fateful day. I have been permanently physically disabled since.
In Wisconsin and many other states where I was from, a law suit had to be filed in 3 years. The problem is that the worst of my injuries did not show up for years later.
This way, the carrier can settle the claim for less money because actual long term damage is not considered.
I could not be operated on because of the severity of my injuries, and I was fortunate enough to find a good chiropractor that kept me going. Since I cannot be fixed only bandaids to mask the symptoms can be applied. I have been on enough pain killers to kill a horse, and because my pain threshold is so high, I live in severe excruciating pain, some would not be able to bear.

I am not aware of the topical you are referring to for that kind of expense and for the co-pay alone should be able to put your spine in euphoria! Of course I am a little cynical here and found a tube of prescription lanocane works quite well less than a 25th of the co-pay of the cream you speak of.

I don't trust Orthos or Neurologists. In fact, for that matter, I don't trust any specialists because anyone exposed to them eventually ended up in an unsuccessful surgery. "If our medications don't relieve the pain, guess we will have to cut."

I would highly recommend a chiropractor to assist you in your dilemma.

As for your question, the cost of this cream is crazy and if you are not authorized by the at fault company, do not expect to get reimbursed. You need to clear it with them since they are the paying party.

I wish you better than me, but on the bright side, I am alive, I can walk and get around with a cane and have a wonderful understanding family.

God Bless and let e know how things turn out.

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Please remember. I am not an attorney and cannot legal advice. My answers are based on my experience due to litigation I have been involved in as an expert, for both insurance companies and while oposing them opposing them. I deal with only comprehensive claims on autos related to fire and theft. I have even had the opportunity to rewrite policy coverage language as it relates to vehicle theft and forced entry for insurance defense attorneys.


Experience in the area: Working with insurance companies and attorneys on these issues for over 20 years. It is very common to have a reported stolen car with a so-called factory anti-theft system to have the theft claim denied. I have served successfully as an expert witness in the courts across the US representing the insured and their attorney revealing that the insurance expert did not take all known theories into consideration before rendering their "Forensic" conclusion. Many insurance carriers us independent "Forensic" experts to examine reported stolen vehicles commonly using flawed methodology implicating the innocent insured with the theft. My job is to determine if the insurance expert reached his conclusions based on accepted scientific principals or just net opinion with no basis other than opinion. My case record against such experts is very compelling.My resume can be seen at the catagory "Auto Theft and Prevention." In "Forensics" the scientific method must be employed. In the forensic locksmith field determining how a reported stolen vehicle was last operated, many processes cannot be duplicated and are conveniently not addressed. If they were, juries would have the opportunity to make a fair and impartial opinion at least about what the expert could or could not prove. There is a purported process determining the last key used. The chances of determining such is very rare uless the key is found in the ignition lock. Experts commonly destroy evidence as well and are rarely questioned on this event. I reveal the weakness in their testimony on such instances.

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