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I have a 2010 Chevy Silverado LS EXT truck.
I had a guy hit the truck. The truck was repaired by a shop that I choose. The repairs have been made and I asked about DV. The insurance company sent out a Claims Specialist from Safco Insurance and I was told because the truck has over 100.000 miles on it there is no DV on it. The truck has 108.000 on it.
The bottom of their letter to me states,
WE realize you me be disappointed in this decision, but hope you understand that we only pay those claims to which our insureds are legally obligated. Safco also claims that the truck was repaired by a shop of my choice, was properly restored to pre-loss condition;since the vehicle was returned to its pre-accident value, we are unable to extend an offer for diminishment in value.
Have you seen what trucks sell for? This truck is in very good condition. I was thinking about trading it in, but it will be in the car fax. I have not called Safco back yet. I am researching this before I do.
This is in Ohio.
Thank you for your time.

Safeco is misleading you. Of course, you already knew thst. Simple solution is take it to a dealer and have them give you a trade-in appraisal. If their offer is decreased from a wholesale book value due to the damage history, have them state that in writing.

If you need assistance in recovering your loss go to and search for a local DV specialist. If you can't find someone, get back to me and I can guide you. Safeco owes you for your loss and they will compensate you. You just have to make a compelling argument. Theirs would not hold up in court, which is the bottom line in these matters.


Also, I have a colleague in Wheelersburg OH who specializes in DV claims  

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