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Problem: I cannot get a good affordable insurance - because of two accidents happened in the last year (2014). My current insurance is a complete rip-off. I am paying $140 per month for my 2007 Subaru outback. They also charge $120 for my wife's car (2009 Honda Pilot) who doesn't have any claims so far - mainly because he added me to her car without my consent. Furthermore, my insurance agent is insulting and ill treating me so much because of my above situation. Good insurance companies like Auto Owners simply reject me because of the two accidents. If I go to any insurance broker, they come up with Citizens insurance as the only one who can accept me. From internet research and through friends, I came to know that Citizens is not a great insurance who most  of the times end up paying nothing when something goes wrong.

Additional Detail: Both accidents have no injuries. Unfortunately, I got a ticket in both the accidents and obviously I was at fault. However, during the first accident, my insurance was PLPD and so, I didn't get any money at all even though my car got totaled. In the second accident, I claimed and received $6,000. Before the above 2 accidents last year, I have zero accidents and zero tickets for about more than 13 years in a row.

Question/Concern: Are there any alternatives to get relief from my current insurance? Any other choices do I have? What are the things that I can do in this situation to get a good insurance company?

Could you please let me know your suggestions.

I am indeed extremely worried.

Thanks so much in advance for your help.


Hello Matt,

There are other alternatives. It depends on your state, of course. Don't let broker tell you that is the best they can do. Look at every insurance quote you can. It is about the only way you can try to figure out if this is even correct.

The other alternative is to become self insured. Some states allow you to bond yourself. you have to have significant cash to do that, but it is worth looking into it.


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