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I filed a stolen car claim.  car was found and totaled, 2002
sebring $2500 value. Geico sent me a EUO letter and suspects my claim is false, if I drop the claim what are the consequences from geico.  

will they try to legally prosecute me?  will they drop me or
raise my rates?

if i drop the claim does that cancel the EUO meeting?

1.  what are these Geico euo examinations like?

2.   should i hire an attorney, i'm not that good at being
    questioned by people.  i think its an anxious setting.

    whats your experience?  Im 69, disabled veteran and i
    dont need the stress.  im in florida and the eou meeting
    is Jan 14, 2016.

    thanks for your time and advice.  Merry Christmas !  joe


You are very welcome Joe and thanks for the great feedback.

For 2 1/2 decades we have served insurance companies, but what makes us different is that we are the only nationwide firm that serves insured's too.
I have a reputation as a very competent expert witness. I am also excellent at removing stress from these investigations.

As I said before, give me a call and we can discuss.

I too am a disabled veteran at the age of 63. I have my fun with the VA all the time not!

As to your questions: so many people look at the value of the vehicle and it really has nothing to do with anything.

You do not dare go to an EUO without correct preparation, and attorneys are simply not qualified to prepare you.
At this point in a claims investigation, the attorney has no standing. They can tell you how to legally answer the questions, for which you won't remember anyway. You may feel confident with an attorney present at a EUO, but they are of no use. If asked a question, the attorney can object, however you are still required to answer the question. This illustrates as to the very little power they have to protect the client in these situations.

I prepare my clients as to how to answer these questions. My experience is based on the hundreds of hours of sworn testimony I have given in very adversarial situations. After 25 years, I am still here!
I know the SIU investigation protocol, better that they do.

Can you drop the claim? Yes, but it will be forever held against you if you ever.have another claim.

Will you be charged and prosecuted in Florida? ThAt is a true possibility even if you drop the claim.
Just had a client charged near the Orlando area. His attorney paid me to write a report. The prosecutor contacted me feeling very confident with his dealer expert. I addressed all concerns and basically warned him if he was foolish enough to try to use his dealer expert against me,he would lose heavy! I could demonstrate as to how the vehicle could be stolen 6 different ways.
He has since dropped the prosecution, and the attorney has hired me to assist in suing the insurance company.

Please feel free to call me at 866-490-1673 and we can discuss.


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Please remember. I am not an attorney and cannot legal advice. My answers are based on my experience due to litigation I have been involved in as an expert, for both insurance companies and while oposing them opposing them. I deal with only comprehensive claims on autos related to fire and theft. I have even had the opportunity to rewrite policy coverage language as it relates to vehicle theft and forced entry for insurance defense attorneys.


Experience in the area: Working with insurance companies and attorneys on these issues for over 20 years. It is very common to have a reported stolen car with a so-called factory anti-theft system to have the theft claim denied. I have served successfully as an expert witness in the courts across the US representing the insured and their attorney revealing that the insurance expert did not take all known theories into consideration before rendering their "Forensic" conclusion. Many insurance carriers us independent "Forensic" experts to examine reported stolen vehicles commonly using flawed methodology implicating the innocent insured with the theft. My job is to determine if the insurance expert reached his conclusions based on accepted scientific principals or just net opinion with no basis other than opinion. My case record against such experts is very compelling.My resume can be seen at the catagory "Auto Theft and Prevention." In "Forensics" the scientific method must be employed. In the forensic locksmith field determining how a reported stolen vehicle was last operated, many processes cannot be duplicated and are conveniently not addressed. If they were, juries would have the opportunity to make a fair and impartial opinion at least about what the expert could or could not prove. There is a purported process determining the last key used. The chances of determining such is very rare uless the key is found in the ignition lock. Experts commonly destroy evidence as well and are rarely questioned on this event. I reveal the weakness in their testimony on such instances.

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