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I had my 13 year old daughter in the car when I was hit by an uninsured driver. The police towed his car and issued two tickets: driving without insurance, illegal left turn, neglected.

My Toyota Highlander was repaired and sustained 12,500 dollars damage. I went to the hospital a week later and was sent to PT. I am still going. I sustained the accident on 6/6/15. I should be done with PT by next week.

My auto insurance has 30,000 uninsured policy. My personal health insurance has a subrogation letter and is working to get their money paid from my car insurance.

My daughter was fine. I had a neck injury and finger was hurt. It is a soft tissue injury. I am a SLPA so the first weekend of my summer vacation was that weekend.

My medical bills are around 15,000 I think. I have to add up the total of the bills with out my medical insurance discount.

The adjuster wants to get this settled as soon as possible. I consulted with an attorneys office and they said they wouldnt take the case becasue I would only get about 2,5000 and my daughter 500.

I have no wages to claim because I was on vacation and I stayed at home then went on my planned vacation where I could not really enjoy anything becasue of the neck pain.  

I spent my vacation going to doctors appointments and PT appointment to get well, doing excercises and resting. I am a very active person and it was not a very good summer.

Realistically how much could I settle my case for ? Do I accept the 2,500 or should I hold out for more?

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Hang On, Jacqueline, Dr. Settlement has your case well in hand, but I do have A LOT to pass along to you.  Why?  Because I think you should NOT now accept the $2,500 offer, but instead you should follow the four point plan I am going to give to you.

I believe you to be a sincere woman, so I trust you will read through all that I will send to you -- well, snoozing off IS allowed, but hopefully you will get enough out of my response to make a substantial increase in an offer of settlement by the insurance adjuster.  

I am now on the first point, and I need to cook dinner for my wife and clean up and THEN get back to helping you.  So it might not be until late tonight that I get it all done.  I trust that will not make your offer disappear from the table.  And anyway, if it did, not a great loss IMO.  

So I will put this larger answer as an amendment to this first response.  Oh, and if you want to ask me anything whatsoever, you can just ask again under the Dr. Settlement heading.

OR--I will make an exception for you and you can ask my staff to hook you up to my private email address.  Just go to our insurance injury tips settlement website and hit "contact us" top right.   Tell the staff that I gave you permission to write to me and they will send me your email and we can then communicate directly if that would help you.  OK?

Ahhhhhh, I just noticed one other thing I want you to remind me about if I forget to get to it tonight.  I respectfully disagree with the attorneys you consulted on there being no wage loss claim.  If you had been at work and without sick leave and had to take two hours for driving and treatment each time, you would be paid for those two hours.  So I want to present that time in your demand letter just as if you had been at work and used your two hours of vacation time.  

And one more thing: add in your transportation costs--I need to look it up, but I think the current rate is like 57.5 cents per mile--NO, we do not use the medical deduction rate--different animal.  

OK that is it for now, J.

Until later tonight then,

Dr. Settlement, J.D. (Juris Doctor)

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