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ranger frank wrote at 2013-07-02 00:40:02
It's hard to believe Fred pawns self off as connected to the automotive world.  The reverb gives depth to the auto sound system to very slightly delay the signal to one set (front or rear) speakers, yielding a theater-like sound (slight echo) in the small auto space.  The height of popularity was in the 60's.

I can't do anything with a car that has a computer, and I hate all the valves and return lines and catalytic whatevers, but I got a memory still, and the do-wop and the girls and ...

These igits nowdays with the huge woofers and all the rest--these units gave great depth without resulting in ear damage.

That being said, find an old parts guy who takes pride in his work--I suggest a rural area dealership near you.  Look in the parts catalogs of 1967, then see if you can get the instructions to match your favorite part number.  

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