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Hi, I wonder if you could help me resolve an issue. I drive a Ford (2004). Recently me an my husband bought a dog and we are now planing to go on a trip, however we want to take the dog with us. However, the car is not really fit for dog to be in it, as it is not quite safe and there are no special car accessories for this trip.

So i was wondering if you could recommend us a place or website to buy those particular car accessories for dogs?

Thanks, Beth

Hi Beth, thank you for contacting me. If you are looking for a quality car accessories then you definitely want to check . Travall is highly popular for the car accessories, especially when it comes to pets and dogs safety.

I don't really know what particular  car accessory you require, but my guess is that you would probably need a dog guard (if you have a big dog), or a dog cage (for middle-small dogs). You can also consider on getting a boot divider that will help you to separate your baggage from the dog, but that is not necessary.

Hope I could be helpful in choosing your car accessory for dog, visit the website anyway and see what you like more.

Cheers, Harry

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