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jack wrote at 2014-05-19 05:27:07
its an amc 1967 6 cylinder engine out of a American 440 which is a rambler

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Christina Prewitt


I can answer questions about troubleshooting mechanical engine parts. I can answer some questions about compatible parts. I can help you figure out what a part is that is in your engine with a photo and/or description. Please let me know as much as you know about your vehicle-year, make, model, engine size and cylinders. And if you can, send me a photo of whatever parts your questions are about to I will respond to you through allexperts.


I'm a backyard mechanic who has been working on cars since I was about 10 years old. I've learned most of my knowledge from experience and Chiltons manuals.

I've got an associates degree in computer electronics. I do not have any educational credentials in the automotive field-all of my knowledge is from experience.

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