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1. What is the danger of racing from the mechinacal aspect?
2. Is the danger of racing increase or decreased from the past?
3. Why the mordern techonology can not prevent the accidents in autoracing.
4. Auto racing will really improve the auto mobile industry or just for money?
5. the last question is what do you think about the future of auto racing?

Racing danger comes from extreme high speeds, and the risk of collisions with other objects.  Things like the retaining walls, other race cars on track, and other obstacles in the racing area.  Speeds up to about 200 miles per hour  (320 KPH) are possible and sudden deceleration from striking an immovable object at that speed can be severe enough to be fatal to the driver.  

The dangers of auto racing have diminished dramatically over the years. Drivers are now protected by a stiff cage structure inside the car which protects them from impact of other cars , or roll-overs.  Also their seats are designed to contain the driver fully and cushion him from bruising if the car suffers severe impact. Modern helmets are also heavily padded and protect the drivers head from anything but the most severe traumatic injuries. Modern race cars are equipped with a fire suppression system which will control a fuel or oil fire long enough for the driver to escape without injury.

Modern technology cannot prevent accidents in ANY human effort. They're going to happen, best to be prepared for them.

Auto racing improves auto safety, and drivability through the experimentation of auto builders and drivers who invent various things to help the driver to prevail .  We have seat belts, rear-view mirrors, double licking mechanisms on doors, and padded headliners all do to racing inventions.  Also improved brakes (disc brakes were first used by Jaguar in the Le Mans race in France in the 50's) and vastly improved handling.

The future of auto racing is in the hands of racers themselves.  It must be kept safe for the spectators, and in expensive for the participants. This requires the participation of everyone.  

I hope this is a help. it's NOT my area of expertise

Dan Liddy
Sarasota, Florida  

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