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Dan how well will a welded diff work in a FWD neon? will it help my understeer? what will help the car corner better spring rates,swaybar,struts. we run a mimi stock class in st.pete we can run 3 deg camber in RF and run 1/8 toe in LF. The car is very tight in mid of turn and coming out of turn. Making my turn an A shaped turn. The RF tire has got to the point of ripping chunks out of it. this year we had to run a 400 tread wear next year we can run a 200 TW witch should help. thanks for readin hope you can help.

I  believe a welded diff will make it totally impossible to drive, If anything it will increase yoru understeer to impossible levels.

A swaybar in front and another lighter one in the rear will help a lot.  Try a 1" diameter in front and a 3/4" in the rear.  If the back starts sliding around, change to a 5/8".  You want to run about 1/8" toe OUT in front and maybe 1/16" toe IN in the rear. run your 3 degrees of camber in the RF and about 2 degrees of POSITIVE camber in the  LF so both tires lean into the outside of the corner.

Try those things, ONE AT A TIME!! make notes and driver impressions, and write back when you have learned some , and know more

Glad to help ,  sorry for the delayed response, I was over at the Sebring race track all weekend.

Dan Liddy
Sarasota, Florida  

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