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Hai  sir, Iam Hari prasath(19 years) .I need to become a top racer in the Universe , but I don't know what is the procedure to get profesional training for racing and later I decided to search online to get a profesional trainer and also search on this page please post your advise and answers . Please please.

Thank you very much for your question. As you may guess, I get asked this question quite a lot! Please therefore see my previous answers on this topic and if you still need further guidance, I will be happy to advise you.
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I`m a big F1 fan and have been since the early 80s. I read weekly European specialist F1 press and keep on top of what`s happening in F1, such as results and testing, team politics, what drivers are saying etc. I`m especially a follower of the French Prost (formally Ligier) team and am also involved in karting and sports car racing in England.


Writing accounts of the performance of the (then)Ligier team during Grand Prix meetings. Organinsing karting competitions for 300+ drivers and of course being an Allexperts Formula One expert

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