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M35 Mako
M35 Mako  
Hello, and thank you for being willing to answer questions. As you will see from the attached image, a manufacturer of computer games has devised this computer model of an armored vehicle for their game, but I know something of armored vehicles and as far as realism is concerned, I do not believe this game manufacturer understands what varieties of suspension are the type that armored vehicles really use. I know very little about ordinary cars and trucks, though -- the last time I was interested in civilian cars and trucks, I must have been four years old! So I ask, if you can, please guess what kind of suspension the vehicle in this image has. I don't know that, because I didn't make the image. But there is one thing I AM going to do, I am going to redesign the entire vehicle to make it more realistic, because that is fun. Thank you.

I have studied many dozens of different armored vehicles. There are a few light military sandrail/rock crawler type vehicles, but they have little or no armor. I have never seen or even heard of a REAL armored vehicle with such a high raised suspension as the M35 Mako. I don't really know much about racing, but the current design as shown reminds me more of a sandrail or rally car, not a seriousmachine of battle. This one was built 168 years in the future. If we look at the things we see the M35 Mako doing in the game, it has a (limited) ability to use advanced physics to make itself lighter or heavier by gravity manipulation. It is clearly shown taking grades of 80 degrees or more without much difficulty, crossing rivers and trenches, and the like. It has liquid-fueled rockets to slow its fall from heights, and it can even dodge enemy fire through by rocket boosting or "hopping" a few feet into the air. It has good shock dampers and its stopping distance is extremely short. With its differential gravity manipulation, it is aerospace-mobile, so it can go straight into battle even when dropped WITH NO PARACHUTE from a low-flying aircraft or a ship in atmosphere, the vehicle crew will actually be ABOARD during the drop and will handle the drop just fine. In fact, with its gravity manipulation, it is even self-righting should it flip over.

If I had to guess what you would need for this vehicle in real life, then obviously we don't yet know how to handle impacts by the manipulation of gravity. But for one thing, I suppose the suspension would be a fully active electromagnetic system.

The picture is rather small, but I will take a stab at it and say it is of the double a-arm type with independent coilover shocks on each hub. It would articulate OK over rough terrain but not very manuverable. And high speed handling would be a horror show. Accident waiting to happen!

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