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red wrote at 2013-07-09 23:22:04
a company called America trophy in illinois makes these trohpies for 250.00$ a pop

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Dan Liddy


Anything concerning race cars, 20 years competition experience, Senior Competition Driver Instructor , car builder, mechanic, welding, fabrication, tuning , engine modifications, set up, suspension design. Specializing in Datsun/Nissan products. Please submit questions about RACE CARS ONLY. No street cars, no video game scenarios Thank you.


I have been racing for 20 years, I have been the Central Florida SCCA Regional Championship points for 5 years running, and won the championship in my class 2 times. During my first start in the 60's I won many solo awards and the State Championship Drags. I serve as a senior instructor for SCCA, and have taught in Mercedes AMG events at Daytona, and Dodge Viper Days at Sebring International. I have been in the thick of the competition for all of my career. At one time or another I have driven race cars at speeds nearing 195 MPH. It's quite a ride !

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