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SS wrote at 2012-10-24 12:17:05
The ideal cool can has improved by filling the can with water and freezing overnight, replace the removable cover on the sealed can and the solid piece of ice will last much longer and not drip water on the track either. This works and can add 5hp to your motor.

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Anything concerning race cars, 20 years competition experience, Senior Competition Driver Instructor , car builder, mechanic, welding, fabrication, tuning , engine modifications, set up, suspension design. Specializing in Datsun/Nissan products. Please submit questions about RACE CARS ONLY. No street cars, no video game scenarios Thank you.


I have been racing for 20 years, I have been the Central Florida SCCA Regional Championship points for 5 years running, and won the championship in my class 2 times. During my first start in the 60's I won many solo awards and the State Championship Drags. I serve as a senior instructor for SCCA, and have taught in Mercedes AMG events at Daytona, and Dodge Viper Days at Sebring International. I have been in the thick of the competition for all of my career. At one time or another I have driven race cars at speeds nearing 195 MPH. It's quite a ride !

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