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QUESTION: I bought a new car and the customer service rep is trying to tell me that an engine immobilizer is an alarm. I paid $395 for an alarm what can I do? I live in another state next to the one the dealership is in?  I did not catch this when purchased the car.

It is also a Toyota and I wanted the Toyota VIP alarm system.. I don't know if they even sell (use) these... they put security systems on the cars sitting on the lot by Rockledge Securities... and these can be activated when the car is sold, if the new car buyer pays for it.

I never heard of that company before and I bought this car through internet negotiation and have written proof I asked for an alarm...and was told they could put on  the next day for $395.00.  But I did not catch that they did not do this when car was actually purchased... should I contact general manager or Better Business Bureau or what?

I want a Toyota alarm or I want them to pay my local dealer to put one on, or I want them to put one on when I bring the car back to the area for free Toyota care oil change and check up or I want $395 refund of my money.

ANSWER: Hello,

You have been "Spiffed." A spiff is a dealer add on and from my experience with another well known junk in my opinion KARR was commonly used. You were lucky at $395. I have seen these crap charged up to $2,000.00 in the financing, just like the VIN etching, Pro lock, Stargard and a variety of inferior junk. Some of these products had an installed price to the dealer for as little as $7.
In my opinion, this is fraud and theft to the unknowing. Now do you realize as to why there are mega-dealerships!
My first question to the salesman has been this: "What are you saying about the effectiveness of the factory installed so-called anti-theft system then? Why am I paying for the factory installed unit if it won't protect the vehicle from being stolen?"

OK, I would suggest that you go to the general manager and be very nice, but tell him you do not want this and to put in the dummy key or whatever the use to make the difference between being active and inactive since this is put on all vehicles. Commonly the customer was paying the ridiculous price for a couple of plastic keys that plugged into a socket.

Request a refund. If met with resistance, you could state that you will find a local TV station to investigate your situation, which could be very costly on PR. Of course I would be more than glad to assist you. The information on this site is very dated about me and if you send an email to I will send yo my condensed 21 page CV (resume) illustrating I have qualified as an expert in these matters in 20 state as well as federal numerous times in criminal and civil arenas.
I have been involved in class actions with this dealer installed "security" junk too.

Please feel free when contacting local TV to give them my CV and I would be more than glad to speak with them about these dealer ripoffs.
Hopefully, you can show the general manager the light and by the way, I worked for dealers for 11 years and I know all about these scams to the unknowing consumer. The GM might reconsider once they see my background and that I am behind you once you show them my CV.

Let me know what happens.

There is no such thing as anti theft! In fact, most deterrents are not worth the time or the money.
Since transponder systems (Chip in key) were introduced, joy riding is no longer a factor for kids. That did thwart this event. However, a professional such as myself, or an active automotive locksmith or a tow truck driver, not with some loud stinky big flatbed, but a common ordinary tow truck with a wrap arond wheel lift can have the vehicle in 60 seconds or less! The tow truck driver picking up the power wheels does not even have to get out of the tow truck.
I made a video displaying from the time the wheel lift was engaged around the wheels and the vehicle lifted, the time was 5 seconds!

Here is the disadvantage of having the factory so-called anti theft system: If stolen your insurance company does not investigate it as a theft, because most investigators are ignorant and believe that these vehicles are impossible to steal. You will be investigated for fraud. You may think, no problem, I will just tell the truth. See how far that gets you!
I have been dealing with auto theft claims for 2 decades. I represent insureds being investigated. As an expert witness I have given hundreds of hours of sworn testimony, commonly to unethical unprofessional opposing insurance defense attorneys. They are extremely good about changing one's words around. I survived this crap for 18 years and can spin anything on them. Just did it again in court last week!
An insured under investigation has no chance and are the sheep going to the wolves. I teach my clients how to act. How to answer. There is more than one way of telling the truth!

I commonly script my clients before an Examination under Oath. This is where everything stated previously from the recorded statement, the interviews are compared and twisted by an attorney for the company. The insured goes to the EUO commonly on the carrier's turf. Present are the attorney, the investigator and a court reporter.

Many times the insured makes a fatal mistake and hires an attorney because they feel they are being accused. Of course they are, but hiring an attorney during an investigation is a total waste of money, because they know nothing about auto theft investigation protocol and better yet, they have no legal standing in an investigation! In other words, if you are asked a question, the attorney can object, but you still have to answer the question.
The investigator's job, the lawyer's job is not to find the thief, but to build a case against you. The questions may have nothing to do with the theft. Late on a payment 2 years ago? That was the financial motivation for you to submit the claim. You couldn't afford the vehicle!
I represent my clients very well and more and more commonly, because of m consulting, the carrier pays the claim after the EUO even though they had such compelling evidence to deny. We also handle denied claims across the US and Canada.

To this point in time, because of my reputation and that it would not look good for a non-attorney to win in court against a seasoned defense team, we have a 100% success rate. Attorneys who know nothing about auto theft, forensics, and auto theft investigation protocol have no clue!
I serve attorneys as a consultant a expert witness and I am the guy they go to.
Auto Theft Claims Master--

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: follow up. I got an almost immediate response from the salesperson after I emailed the general manager and said I am considering going to a local TV station and having the report talk about consumer fraud at car dealerships. My salesperson emailed me with a return receipt, called my home phone and cell phone within 1/2 hour after I sent email.

I emailed part of the form document sent by the customer service manager.. to set up Toyota Care... the free maintenance stuff provided by the parent company for 24 months, he was setting up an oil change. Anyway this talked about customer satisfaction and how it was of upmost importance to the dealer etc. etc.

I had emailed the salesperson and got no response around Sept 9...

Anyway, I probably still have been Spiffed but they responded to my question... he did say there is some additional kind of tint on my car.   I still don't understand exactly what it is or does... there is a clear film  that some Toyota dealers will put on various parts of the body of the car... to help give it extra protection from scratches, rocks being thrown etc. So maybe it is kind of like that only for the glass.. and I do agree with what I think you will say, that you don't need the extra film  put on the body  But I will get more clarification about what this is...
My husband and I never asked for the extra tint or new anything about it. He said it was something that they did in Phoenix that most customers wanted...( not sure I believe that either) This cost $395

My salesperson did say there is an alarm on the car and it is a Rockledge Securities or whatever I said it was before.  He said he would hunt for a manual for the alarm... that is one question I asked him before, the customer service rep and the ask the mechanic... who passed the buck on my questions. I said I had asked various people about a manual for the alarm and they all ignored the question. I started on Sept 9 and by Sept 22, the mechanic emailed me.. with his answer...

He did answer another question that I had asked though... the manual said some of the cars had a metalized tint on them and when you park the car to keep the windows shut... if they were open a fire might start... due to the sun, and magnification of it and heat generated. He said my car did not have that kind of tint.


Tint keeps the vehicle from bursting into fire huh? That is like installing rust proofing on a plastic car like a Corvette!
Honda dealers would inform owners of their vehicle if anything after market was installed on their vehicles, it would void the warranty.
I guess whatever one can get the buyer to believe--
As for your dealer installed so-called security, I would suggest you tell them to either remove it, or disable it and refund your $395, or find out the cost of the factory transponder immobilizer and disable/remove and give you credit, because you do not need both systems.
What does a salsman know about theft and security? Nothing other than the value of the commission he gets for selling it!
What does the technician know about theft? Nothing, and only uses the talking points indoctrinated in him by the manufacturer that with the factory installed system, the vehicle is impossible to steal.

The point being that you have caught them with their hand in the cookie jar. Possibly go to the owner of the dealership. Tell them they have one golden opportunity to give you back your $395 before I delve into the spiffs they are selling to their customers as a "need."
Please print up my CV (Resume) and give it to the owner and direct them to my site where it we be seen I simply have no use for misrepresentation, no matter who does it and how they do it.
It's obvious that the salesperson, mechanic and general manager are so naive to know there is no use for this product because it is redundant to the factory system.
Here is the deal: These are pt on every vehicle because it prevents vehicles from being stolen off their lot, however this s 90' thinking because the 2000s brought factory installed transponders (chip in the key).
The next reason was that since already installed and the only difference between a working system and a non-working system was the difference between having a key or a dummy key. In other words, you paid $395 for two keys worth about $.05. The dummy can be installed in seconds and you should be $395 richer!

The biggest problem s that we are still dealing with the 50s mentality. One would trust the dealer that represented the manufacturer. It was assumed that the dealer knew everything about the car and they were the ones that would not rip you off. Times have changed. In my opinion, dealers are the biggest rip off these days and they can't be trusted. The salesperson will convince a person that the $2,000 window etching will prevent the vehicle from being stolen. Customers believed this until their car was stolen!
Look, if people get sucked into this stuff< I can't take on the world's problems, but you came to me and I will be glad to expose what happened to you if need be, which could be a very bad thing for the dealer.
As stated previously, I have successfully worked with attorneys in class action cases against dealers for selling worthless crap like this on numerous occasions.

Quit dealing with the low-level henchmen and go to the owner of the dealership.
As I said as well, write me at and request my CV. Put that in front of the owner when asking for your $395 back and see where it goes.  

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