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Auto Theft Prevention/1998 ford explorer sport anti theft no start


QUESTION: I've had this truck for just a few months. I have a "no tilt" steering wheel. Since day one, the key, only have 1, without a key fob, has been tricky! Getsstuck, can't turn it, its difficult in all keyholes. The stereo was previously pulled out, the lighter does not work, the auto door locks and hazards have a mind of their own and lately ythe key in the ignition has gotten more moody. Then, bang, no start with anti theft flashing! Light flashcode is 1-3. After 2 days I did the suggested key unlock, lockx2 in drivers door, the keydidnotfumble inignitionand started, til I parked again. Now stuck in no start. Tried everything. I'm in a huge financial wreck, not registered in my name yet so can't even take to dealer. My husbands everyone else's go to man and he goes for them, but not me! So, my better husband, best friends hubby, will help me if we knew what to do? If my truck would start, I could go to work and leave the bastard fpor good! Save a good woman!thanks!


For some reason, I just got the question and it came in as if I had not sent my answer.
The most common problem on these ignition is that the key buzzer used to break (chime control telling you your key was in
lock) and the ignition lock would have to be drilled out to be removed. Either that or the ignition is just falling apart.
Since your ignition turns at times, it may not need to be drilled out.
Dealers are middlemen for locks and keys so they can take in huge Mark ups. Ford, GM, Chrysler never made the locks and keys and obtain them from the same subcontractor locksmith does. Call a locksmith that does automotive work.
The dealer will charge for an ignition lock, labor and $150 for only the key. The locksmith may be able to use your key and fix or replace lock! Big cost savings! Plus, they come to you!

The key fob is not important most of the time. It's very rare to find a vehicle of this vintage with a factory alarm because it was a $600 option. I am not say it doesn't, but very rare.
You might have some after market piece of junk in there that can be removed.
Does a siren trigger or a horn when alarm goes off?

The codes in a Ford computer I am not familiar with. Most are related to the engine having emission issues (clean air act) and unless you are in the big cities like Austin or Dallas emissions are not even checked to pass inspection. If the engine runs ok who cares?

Do not get ripped off going to a dealer for your ignition problem. Call a locksmith!
Let me know why you think you need a key fob if the horn is going off or a siren.


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QUESTION: Thank you for your consideration into my dilemma! There is no siren, no "alarm" sounds, nor flashing exterior lights. Only the "theft" dashboard light is flashing rapidly and after1 min. Or so, the sequence of the flashing is 1:3. The car is deffinatel experiencing a faulty, ford "anti-theft no-start" failure to start up. We did attempt to replace the responder in steeringcolum, however I can not testify as to the knowledge of the one who tried that, and it did not start. I am in crisis. Any other thoughts?  I will research locksmiths now , in the meantime, while ,Everyone and anyone brainstorms! Please.?


Theft light has nothing to do with alarm. The rapidly flashing theft light indicates a transponder (chip in ignition key issue).
For whatever reason, the computer is not recognizing the key. When pats (system called that or securilock is engaged, engine will crank but no start.
One common problem that creates this issue is someone trying to force forcefully remove ignition and breaking the antenna known as a transceiver directly in front of the ignition under the steering column shroud. If broken, the computercannot recognize the chip in the key.
This light can also be set off like the ignition problems you describe.
This theft light is not controlled by a key fob and only by the use of a key in the ignition.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Just in conclusion, despite the $100.00 we paid a guy off craigslist, with apparently 35 yes experience, who put a new responder in and never returned to finish, hire a locksmith for $200.00 ,made new keys, the key was bad and was a clone key,not a ford key, and reprogram and whammo! Started right up! Wish I just did that first!! Shoulda, would a, could a! Next time! Listen to the experts! Thank you!!


Yes there a lot of goofs out there that will gladly take your money and not fix the problem.
You would have had the same result at a dealer charging and not fixing.
The only reason I recommend locksmiths is because of logistics or I would be out doing this work from afar. I am so glad I was able to assist you and now you can use the vehicle again. Thanks for your questions.

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