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I have a factory purchased 1995 Mitsubishi 300 gt vr4 - the Clear coat over the Headlights has peeled off and the lens is cloudy and the area around the light blue paint scheme is faded with clear coat peeled off. Question is there anyway to reapply the clear coat or must I buy two new head lamps at estimated 200.00 dollars each - thank You Doc.

Hi Gregory,

You can try and re-clear the lens. Depending on how bad they are will determine the final results. I would clean them very good using a mild soap and hot water mixture then clean with Rubbing Alcohol. Lightly wet sand with 1200 grit sandpaper. Then re-clear using a 2K Clear-Coat. This link will take you to a great 2K Clear that comes in an aerosol can that I have used before for different things. I think it would work good for what you're doing.

I hope this helps.


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