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Hi Gary,

Thanks in advance for your help! I am doing a restoration on a 72 Chevy Pickup that my Dad bought new. Anyways, Right now I am working on the frame and I'm wondering which product would be best to use.  Can you give me an idea of advantages and disadvantages of to both products?

Hi Johnny,

Sure, I can give you a bit of insight on both products. I have been selling and using both products now for quite awhile and both do what they claim. I will handle each product separately then I'll give you an idea where I think each product excels.

POR-15 Rust Preventative Paint can be used directly over rust, sandblasted steel, or sanded bare steel provided it's very clean and has an adequate sand scratch for proper adhesion. POR-15 recommends that you use their cleaning products (Marine Clean and Metal Ready) before application. POR is very tough as far as chip and scratch resistance but is not recommended for exterior weather exposure without coating over it. The color will fade within a couple months and extended exposure will cause the product to fail. POR can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed. Don't get it on you or you will wear it off. It currently has a price point of around $45-$50 per quart.

Zero-Rust also can be used directly over rust, sandblasted steel, or sanded bare steel. ZR is more forgiving for the cleanliness of the surface to be coated. The only time they recommended cleaners is if the metal is oily or has been handled excessively. For heavily rusted areas ZR recommends that the loose scale be removed with a wire brush and then apply 3 wet coats of ZR to the area. ZR will also fade with extended exterior exposure but the durability and corrosion resistance will not be affected. ZR can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed. The current price point is around $25-$35 per quart.

Both products are great coatings when used correctly. POR-15 and Zero Rust have overlapping characteristic on their claim to fame as Rust and Corrosion Coatings. One thing I have noticed is POR-15 is much more chip and scratch resistant. However, I like the fact that ZR is much more affordable and has less metal prep before application.

I world trust either of these products for coating the frame on your Dad's 72 Chevy. Here are some links where you can find more information or purchase the product.  

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