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Hi Gary, what is the best way to repair a small (less than 1" in diameter) rust spot on a 2010 Toyota? I can get a touch-up paint pen at the dealer, but I need to remove the rust first. Thanks. Have a great day!

Hi Gladis,

For small spot sanding I recommend using what is called a Prep Pen. These are excellent tools for small spot sanding. I would also recommend that you use a bare metal primer prior to touching up the paint. Paint don't have rust inhibitors and can allow rust to continue to grow. I like Zero-Rust primer for this type application. The smallest quantity you can buy is in an aerosol can so for your application I would spray a small amount on a piece of cardboard and then use a small touch-up brush to transfer it to the vehicle. Let it dry for about an hour then apply your paint. Here are some links referring to both products I mentioned:

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