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QUESTION: I'm doing body work on my 1951 Nash, I thought I had a good surface to paint so I sprayed the door and with paint on it I could see bad body work, so I want to redue it. Now I use a hard board for blocking and want to know if I can use evercoat glaze to fill the areas of shallow dips in the body work? Can glaze be put over paint and primer? Will it bond OK? or do I have to get back down to the metal or filler? Thanks Bruce

ANSWER: Hi Bruce,

Yes, you can apply Fibreglass Evercoat Glaze over small dings and such provided that it's not over 1/16th of an inch thick. If you need to be thicker than that you will need to use a body filler (up to 1/4" max). Glaze can be applied over most paints and primers provided that they are not lacquer based. If it is lacquer based the glaze may not bond properly.

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Thanks for the answer. Now my next question is, the primer is lacquer primer, now what do I do? I blocked the rear quarter panel and found a few areas that maybe 1/32 deep. Thanks again

Hi Bruce,

Polyester based products will melt lacquer based products which could substantially effect adhesion. The recommendation is to sand or grind down to bare metal then apply a plastic filler and then glaze coat over that. Once this is done you can apply a lacquer base product over the top if you desire.

Something you might try since you already have lacquer based primer on there is get a lacquer based spot putty. 3M makes one that would be more compatible than the polyester based product. Here is a link:

If you are planning on using lacquer or enamel based paints this product should work fine for you.

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