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Auto body repair & detailing/Hyundai Elantra frame repairable?


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I want to show you some photos via jpg file, and then see whether you suppose this '05 Hyundai Elantra can be made street legal very cheaply, or if too much basic frame damage is apparent for that to be likely. Cosmetics aren't a consideration, because I'm prepared drive it ugly, if it's only street legal. (...even using what might appear to be UHaul trailer-style magnet-mounted brake and turn signal lights)
I hope to scour the Craigslist ads or otherwise find a cash-requiring "backyard body & fender man" in the populous So'Cal area where I'm located. What say ye?

Hi Don!....Thanks for the pics....From the looks of it, this is definitly repairable....As for being done very cheaply, unfortunatly, it will cost a few dollars....Sorry....The first thing that needs to happen, is to get a full tear down....This you could most likely do your self....Removal of the deck lid, bumper cover, and all of the trunk interior only....For this, you would need a basic set of Metric tools, pliers, screwdrivers, etc....That way, you will be able to see the extent of the damage to the floor, rear panel, LHS inner quarter panel structure, and frame rails, etc....Measurements will need to be taken also, as to determine the squareness of the rear trunk opening, length of the frame rails, especially the LHS ( whether the LHS has been mashed or compressed ), whether the rear section has been swayed over, ( swung to one side ), etc....If you can do the tear down yourself, you should be able to contact your insurance company, and as they do here, they will send a qualified adjuster out to provide a written estimate free of charge....That way, it will at least give you a dollar figure....From there, you can decide what avenue of repair to proceed with....Body shop, or sideline....If you have read any of my comments of previous questions, I am committed to safety....Frame repair and Structural repair are of the UTMOST importance....If it is not done correctly, safety is compromised, and in the event of another collision, your vehicle will not perform in a safe manner....Possibly putting you at risk....Who ever you decide to do your repair, PLEASE make sure that they are a qualified Journeyman Autobody Technician.... If you have any more questions, please drop me another line....Thanks....Dave

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