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Auto body repair & detailing/Hyundai Elantra framedamage ?


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I want to show you some photos via jpg file, and then see whether you suppose this '05 Hyundai Elantra can be made street legal very cheaply, or if too much basic frame damage is apparent for that to be likely. Cosmetics aren't a consideration, because I'm prepared drive it ugly, if it's only street legal. (...even using what might appear to be UHaul trailer-style magnet-mounted brake and turn signal lights)
If it helps you guess about the extent of damage, impact from a heavy pickup truck was from the car's left.
I hope to scour the Craigslist ads or otherwise find a cash-requiring "backyard body & fender man" in the populous So'Cal area where I'm located. What say ye?

Hello Don
I'm not sure what the legal implication would be, but it is possible to get your car on the road with some damage still existing
There appears to be both floor and frame damage, so without those repairs you will have problems fitting the new parts on
Best of luck as you move forward
Thank you for the question

Auto body repair & detailing

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