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Auto body repair & detailing/replacing the bumper on my Honda


QUESTION: I need to replace the inner bumper on my 1995 Honda Accord LX V6. I've been searching on the Internet for parts, but I can't figure it out from pictures alone. I was hoping you could tell me all the parts I would need to order to do this job. Thanks

ANSWER: Hi TuesdayBlu!....I checked out the Cross Canada website for you, as I am not familiar if there is a similar type of website dedicated to the United States....Sorry ....I am just guessing it is the rear of the vehicle that you are looking for parts for as well....If it is the front, drop me another line, and I will pass that information on to you....If you happen to need a rear bumper cover, the part number is HO1100151R....Cost here is $167.86 Dollars....There will be a bumper cushion as well, but unfortunately it is not available through them....You would have to check out the Dealer for this....The last bumper item, will be the re-bar....Part number is HO1106153....The cost is $43.74 Dollars....You can also log onto their website to check out all that is available for your vehicle....Just punch in " Cross Canada ", and go to where it says On Line Catalogue....From there, you will see a guest login....Just punch in " Alberta ", and from there, you just need to punch in the Year, Make, and Model as the prompts come up.....This will give you pictures, part numbers and prices....Hope this helps you out....Drop me a line if you have any problem....Thanks....Dave

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QUESTION: Thanks for the reply! My apologies, it is indeed the front end I'm replacing. I hadn't even realized I'd forgotten to mention that bit of info. Thanks again!!

Hi Again Tuesdayblu!.....Being that it is the front end that you are needing to repair, I checked out the Cross Canada website again....The part number for the bumper cover, is HO1000171R....The price is $282.64 Dollars....This is for a V6....Unfortunatley, is does not list a bumper cushion or re-bar for a V6....For these items, you might want to check out the Dealer....You can also check out you local Auto wreckers....Just as a guideline, the Auto wreckers usually charge half the price of a new part from a Dealer....Thanks for your question...And you are very welcome....Dave

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